BPM Technology

What is bpm technology?

Business Process Management (BPM) Technology helps organisations enable business agility via process automation and optimization. Business Processes are Technology enabled via a process of continuous improvement as technology, especially IT enabled technology is ever changing and keeps evolving with time. Business Processes vary in accordance to the nature of the industry they operate in and hence technology enablement for process management is industry as well as organisation specific, tailored in accordance to needs and capabilities.


To download this brochure on HCL's SOA & BPM offerings and to gather information on how HCL can accelerate the adoption of SOA & BPM and enable process flexibility, visibility and cost effective automation in your organization.


Clinical trial supply chains (CTSCs) have historically focused on logistics and compliance, not excellence in execution. There is the clinical side of the business and then the operational side, with an iron curtain in the middle. Not surprisingly, only 23% of 107 pharmaceutical and biotech companies rate their CTSC processes as extremely effective, according to a recent AMR Research study.

This document provides an overview SOA/BPM testing strategies and role of CrossFIT automation in SOA/BPM testing scenario using case study of one of our global finance customer. HCL EAI Services developed CROSSFIT, a CROSS Platform Framework for Integration Testing to manage and automate enterprise application integration and SOA/BPM testing. CROSSFIT was designed to be simple, portable, extensible and flexible. CROSSFIT supports the development, orchestration, and maintenance of distributed test cases. It addresses the testing needs of distributed systems that are typical in an SOA / BPM scenario.