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Responsive Manufacturing
What is responsive manufacturing?

Manufacturing companies have always faced the challenge of meeting customer expectation along with ensuring timely production and increasing ROI. With the onset of globalization, these challenges have further compounded as manufacturers now have to cater to diverse markets, manage complex supply networks that have replaced the traditionally-linear supply chains, and exceed customer expectation in order to maintain positive brand image in the age of instant communication. Responsive manufacturing, as the term indicates, is the methodology that enables manufacturers to address these challenges and stay competitive in the industry.

In responsive manufacturing, companies follow a predictive, agile, and lean model of production. From innovation to delivery, the entire product lifecycle is streamlined to produce quickly and only the required quantity, meet the quality expectation, and eliminate redundant costs; all while having the capability to scale and adapt according to the change in the demand. Total visibility across all the stages of production is crucial to implement this methodology successfully. Manufacturers, therefore, have to break departmental silos as well as ensure optimum integration of systems and process involved in the lifecycle. Besides, continuous real-time data collection, change prediction, and produce-to-order are the key aspects of responsive manufacturing.

In responsive manufacturing, an entity enters into production only when there is a requirement. The methodology enables manufacturers to maintain a comprehensive product portfolio while reducing cost of production by eliminating shadow expenses. Lastly, the constant inflow and analysis of market data ensures that the product meets the quality and compliance standards of the customers and the government.