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What type of network is used in core banking solution?

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Core Banking Solution

What type of network is used in core banking solution?

Core Banking Solution is the process of providing a centralized on-line system where all the data related to transactions, customer data (such as name, profession, income, family members, etc.) are stored and are available to all networked branches for access. The centralized data repository helps online transaction processing, making it easier and faster. Core Banking solutions have made banking more efficient by cutting down time in data access and has made database maintenance easier.


HCL Technologies banking practice is wholly focused upon the future of retail banking, corporate banking, and investment banking with a particular focus on the alignment of appropriate SAP® solutions to meet the needs of our clients. HCL Technologies clients include some of the biggest names in banking, including Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays Bank, EBRD, Nationwide, and Standard Bank of South Africa. Our service structure allows us to deliver expertise from a global perspective across the EMEA, Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ), and Americas regions.