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AI and Automated

Mar 19, 2021

AI and Automation in Sales and Marketing

Ravi Kathuria SVP Marketing, Communications & Corporate Affairs

One of the most revolutionary AI-based technologies, at least for marketers, are bots. AI-based bots can perform certain human activities at a scale and speed beyond human capacity. Whether they are chatbots who can communicate, engage with, or...
Case for Blockchain in 5G

Feb 25, 2021

Case for Blockchain in 5G

Satish Pandita Area Sales Director

5G is one of the most instrumental factors to usher in the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. The three main use cases of 5G technology - Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) and Ultra-reliable Low...
Heralding the Future

Jan 22, 2021

Heralding the Future: Distributed ERP with IoT and Cloud

Abhinav Sinha ERP advisor and SAP FICO Solution Architect

The use cases for IoT in the context of ERP are many. For example, it can be used for product improvement by making the product provide real-time feedback; it can enhance warranty services and warranty management; it can be used for predictive...
Smart Cities
The cities have always been at the center of pollution and have been criticized for not taking into consideration the environmental impact of today’s actions like improper Municipal system, Energy wastage, uncontrolled pollution, cutting down tree
IT/OT Convergence Program
This blog talks about the elements and drivers for an IT/OT convergence from an industry point of view and details out five essential key considerations for successful IT/OT integrations.
Imagine a global enterprise trying to get a clear picture of the usage and whereabouts of critical assets allocated to their entire employee base around numerous sites and office locations. Indoor and outdoor tracking devices, tags, sensors, readers...
Quantum Cryptography
Across all the sectors there are few common trends such as increased digitization, the proliferation of IoT, and increased device connectivity. Such trends bring increased risks, threats and vulnerabilities to data, devices, and systems. Scientists...
Solution architecture with AWS IoT core

Nov 13, 2020

Leveraging AWS IoT Core for Shipment Monitoring to optimize the Supply Chain

Sooraj Kumar Raj Associate General Manager - Product Management, IoT WoRKS™

Critical and high-value assets are always on the move, and this holds across practically every industry vertical relying on supply chain and logistics operations. Naturally, enterprises seek ways to track their assets with the shipment carrier in...
Private Network Adoption

Nov 11, 2020

HCL Accelerating the Private Network Adoption

Ajitesh Gupta Senior Solution Director

While leading the private network strategy and solution at HCL, I learned a few of the eye-opening variability in the industry for every aspect of private network offerings: alliance, solution designing, market positioning, market sizing, GTM,...
Node Network
An end to end IoT system includes various networks in an IoT system, type of devices and the applications running in those networks. Constrained node network is deployed as an edge network in an IoT system. There are various classes of constrained...
Internet of Things (IoT) Using HTML 5 Web Socket
Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)
Right Sensors for Object Tracking
Choosing right sensor for tracking objects is really important and there are many criteria to determine which sensor should be used. Read more on how sensors are classified based on property:

Feb 26, 2018

IoT Impact on manufacturing

Saurabh Chaturvedi Deputy General Manager

The blog talks about impact of internet of things in Manufacturing. There has been lot of development in adopting next-gen technologies like IoT in MFG and there has been huge investment under the use cases identified in this vertical.
Chronic Disease Management process
Chronic Disease Management (CDM) is an integrated care approach to manage chronic disease or condition that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects. As care delivery continues to evolve from reactive disease treatment to proactive,...
If you have been traveling to the big cities in growing economies like India & China, you would agree that you don’t recognize the city every time you travel back, the vehicle flux is multifold, the routes are changed with ever increasing...
IT/OT Convergence Program
This blog talks about the elements and drivers for an IT/OT convergence from an industry point of view and details out five essential key considerations for successful IT/OT integrations.
Google Cloud Functions
Google Cloud Function is an execution environment which enables users to deal with serverless programming on top Google cloud Platform. It makes easy to run and scale your code on cloud environment. By using Google cloud function’s, you can write...
MODE 1-2-3 Strategy
We are witnessing a far-reaching disruption in the market driven by three forces: Automation, Cloud and Digitalization. The momentum of change, fuelled by an explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure and experience and...

5 Questions every CXO must answer in IoT
Pratibha - Global Engagement Manager | March 14, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting Industries with a huge potential to generate alternate revenue streams, improve cost efficiencies and transform business models. For instance, IoT is enabling Manufacturing to move towards pay per usage models, it is ensuring new waves of innovation in healthcare like biodegradable chip based tablets and enhancing cost efficiencies through optimized operations for industries like Mining.

Internet of Things with an Eye
Harsha Vachher - Senior Technical Lead | February 9, 2016


To be “smart everywhere” we need to have “eyes everywhere”

Technology Trends of 2016
Amit kumar Agarwala - General Manager | February 2, 2016


Once again we stand today on the cusp of another new year.  This is the time to reflect on the year gone by and happily usher in the new one.  It’s time to also fathom the latest technology trends and decode which ones will likely make an increased difference to our lives in 2016.