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Stakeholder Experience Transformation
The healthcare industry is on the cusp of widespread digital transformation, being pushed against the wall owing to the pressures exerted by the pandemic. Appropriate digital interventions can bring together isolated systems in a highly regulated...
Cloud Smart Adoption in Healthcare

Oct 07, 2021

Cloud Smart Adoption in Healthcare


Enterprises across the globe are on various stages of digital transformation , Cloud adoption and migration. HCL, with its broad range of services and solutions, is embarking on an innovative journey with Cloud Smart as the next evolution in this...
Transition to Computer System Assurance
The life sciences industry, and likewise, healthcare, has always been in the limelight due to strict regulations. While, the regulations appear cumbersome, they are deemed necessary to comply to patient safety, product quality, and efficacy. This...
Holding Hands on the Cloud

Jun 22, 2021

Holding Hands on the Cloud: Reimagining Healthcare in a Global Crisis

Andy Packham SVP & Chief Architect, HCL Microsoft Business Unit

Andy Packham, Senior Vice President and Chief Architect of the HCL Microsoft Business Unit, writes on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and how it weaves into our larger cloud smart narrative.
The new paradigm of health care – Proactive and Preventive health care is the new paradigm. The proliferation of consumer devices - smartphones, smartwatches, fit bits, handheld devices are changing the health care industry. One of the significant...
A non-invasive approach for early diagnosis of retinal diseases
This blog proposes a non-invasive electrophysiology test for early diagnosis of retinal disorders, its procedure and advantages. This blog presents an overview of how retina functions, retinal disorders, some of the existing methodologies for...

Apr 08, 2021

E-commerce and commercialization in healthcare

Neha Kukreja Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

With emerging growth in digital healthcare technologies, consumers demand more healthcare choices, better decision-making apps or tools, and control of their healthcare data. Many digital healthcare factors can create a future where e-commerce...
US Healthcare Outlook

Mar 19, 2021

US Healthcare Outlook

Neha Kukreja Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic has made millions of lives and economies suffer across the world. The healthcare ecosystems and subsystems are getting stretched beyond their capacity by the torrent of infected patients. In many ways, digitalization is aiding...
Changing dynamic of clinical trials in the post pandemic world
The COVID-19 has imposed some unique challenges to the clinical trial community. The pandemic has altered the way clinical trials are conducted with long-lasting effects. Prioritizing patient safety, recruiting new participants into trials, and data...
IoT Works

Feb 26, 2018

Internet of Things in Retail

Ashwini Global Engagement Manager

This blogs emphasizes the impact of IoT in Retail. How internet of things is enabling retail to achieve business transformation and what are the key use cases where IoT can play a big role.
Cold Chain

Jun 28, 2018

Cold Chain Logistics in Pharma

Harjotsingh Chance Senior Executive, Life Sciences- Business Solutions Group

The main ingredients for maintaining a cold chain are effective digital communication and data collection. The complete integration of the entire supply chain processes, linking them to the data supporting regulatory needs and quality considerations...
Decentralized Clinical Trials
The life sciences industry intends to make clinical trials more patient-centric. This is where decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) come in. Sponsors should realize the long-term benefits of patient-centric trials and reduce the burden on the...
Payer Provider Convergence

Aug 17, 2020

Payer Provider Convergence- The Future of Healthcare

Ramanathan Vaduganathan Senior Manager, Digital & Analytics

In an era of value-based healthcare, health insurers are working together to solve key issues. Healthcare is data-rich, and there are vast opportunities in taking the existing data such as digital records (claims, clinical results, SDOH, lifestyle...
Stakeholder Experience Transformation
The healthcare industry is on the cusp of widespread digital transformation, being pushed against the wall owing to the pressures exerted by the pandemic. Appropriate digital interventions can bring together isolated systems in a highly regulated...
Chronic Disease Management process
Chronic Disease Management (CDM) is an integrated care approach to manage chronic disease or condition that is persistent or otherwise long-lasting in its effects. As care delivery continues to evolve from reactive disease treatment to proactive,...
COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world. The coronavirus outbreak has imposed massive crisis situation, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy, affecting all...

Feb 26, 2018

IoT Impact on manufacturing

Saurabh Chaturvedi Deputy General Manager

The blog talks about impact of internet of things in Manufacturing. There has been lot of development in adopting next-gen technologies like IoT in MFG and there has been huge investment under the use cases identified in this vertical.
Most of the pharmaceutical products like vaccines, serums, etc. are temperature-sensitive and require special handling once manufactured.

IoT in Medical Devices
Neha Thakur - Manager | September 7, 2015

While the Internet has historically been an important communication channel for traditional computing devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, the much hyped concept of ‘Internet of Things’ refers to a network of non-traditional computer devices connected through the Internet.

How is healthcare transformation improving customer engagement
Amit Mody - Associate Vice President - Solutions For Payer/Provider | September 4, 2015

The key to winning customers is providing greater transparency in cost of care, billing, personalized actionable information, information on preventive care

Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategy for Clinical Trials
Narender Dureja - Associate Vice President | February 4, 2015

Considering the different phases in a clinical trial, there is a need for subjects to be enrolled according to the eligibility criteria defined in the study protocol. Holding the involvement of the right patients is a critical barrier for investigators and sponsors. During the conduct phase of clinical trials, sites usually spend most of their time working on patient recruitment, and yet, statistics show that despite this effort, reaching enrollment goals according to the timeline is frustratingly elusive in many studies.