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Oct 25, 2021

Reinvent GBS: Through the redefined cloud


Sameer Ahluwalia, Vice President, Global lead – Growth Practices and Capabilities, DPO

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the transition from monolithic architectures to integrated operations, which combines different business-aligned support functions to create a single operating model. Integrated operations can empower real-time,…
The healthcare industry is on the cusp of widespread digital transformation, being pushed against the wall owing to the pressures exerted by the pandemic. Appropriate digital interventions can bring together isolated systems in a highly regulated…

Oct 07, 2021

Cloud Smart Adoption in Healthcare



Enterprises across the globe are on various stages of digital transformation , Cloud adoption and migration. HCL, with its broad range of services and solutions, is embarking on an innovative journey with Cloud Smart as the next evolution in this…
The life sciences industry, and likewise, healthcare, has always been in the limelight due to strict regulations. While, the regulations appear cumbersome, they are deemed necessary to comply to patient safety, product quality, and efficacy. This…

Jun 01, 2021

Holding Hands on the Cloud: Reimagining Healthcare in a Global Crisis


Andy Packham, SVP & Chief Architect, HCL Microsoft Business Unit

Andy Packham, Senior Vice President and Chief Architect of the HCL Microsoft Business Unit, writes on the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and how it weaves into our larger cloud smart narrative.
The new paradigm of health care – Proactive and Preventive health care is the new paradigm. The proliferation of consumer devices - smartphones, smartwatches, fit bits, handheld devices are changing the health care industry. One of the significant…
This blog proposes a non-invasive electrophysiology test for early diagnosis of retinal disorders, its procedure and advantages. This blog presents an overview of how retina functions, retinal disorders, some of the existing methodologies for…

Apr 08, 2021

E-commerce and commercialization in healthcare


Neha Kukreja, Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

With emerging growth in digital healthcare technologies, consumers demand more healthcare choices, better decision-making apps or tools, and control of their healthcare data. Many digital healthcare factors can create a future where e-commerce…

Mar 19, 2021

US Healthcare Outlook


Neha Kukreja, Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic has made millions of lives and economies suffer across the world. The healthcare ecosystems and subsystems are getting stretched beyond their capacity by the torrent of infected patients. In many ways, digitalization is aiding…