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Engaging Executives to Drive Success
“From Stakeholders to Transformers: Engaging Executives to Drive Success” is a two-part blog series. In the first blog, we explored and identified what makes a transformer. In this blog, we provide actionable advice on how to create your own...
Maximizing Business Value with Enterprise Integration

Jun 09, 2021

Maximizing Business Value with Enterprise Integration

Ved Parkash Pati Business Manager, Digital & Analytics

Organizations seeking success in the digital economy need to change their mindset around applications, data, process, infrastructure, and security. They might have multiple disparate applications on multiple disparate environments (on premises,...
Role of CIAM for Simplified Digital Customer Experience
Digital transformation was never this fast and in such high demand before. Call it irony or a turn of fate, post-COVID-19 companies are speeding up digitization both at the operational and customer-facing level. McKinsey reveals that the...
DataOps for a Retail Giant through Data Operations and DevOps

Jun 02, 2021

DataOps for a Retail Giant through Data Operations and DevOps

Anantha Bhat Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Organizations have been managing data on premises for a long time and they are now in the process of modernizing their data management initiatives by shifting to the Cloud. However, modern enterprises have reached a point now where the quantity,...
A Distinct Line between Tech Adoption and Digital Transformation

Jun 01, 2021

A Distinct Line between Tech Adoption and Digital Transformation

Darren Doyle Associate Vice President - Digital Consulting, Digital & Analytics

Over the last few months, many organizations found themselves forced to make the switch to remote operations and adopt a slew of digital technologies across the business, as they attempted to navigate the sudden, COVID-19-induced reality of social...
Into the Future, Together
The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us quite a few lessons. For me, there have been two major takeaways. The first is the fact that the pandemic has shown us how much of our freedom and time we take for granted, and how easily it can be taken away by...
Customer Journey Mapping
In the “Tools of the Trade” series, we focus on commonly used customer experience tools and practices.If you’ve been following along, you’ll know this is the third and final part in the series. In this article, we’ll be covering the well-known and...
The Pace of Change - Part 3: What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There

May 21, 2021

The Pace of Change - Part 3: What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There

Holly R. Pendleton Senior Practice Leader, Digital & Analytics

The Pace of Change is an article series that explores the quickening pace of change, how organizations are responding to it, and why the only way to keep up is by fundamentally shifting our view on change. The final article in the series focuses on...
Artificial Neural Network, Neural Architecture Search
Normal machine learning or deep learning applications with human intervention in feature selection provides a maximum accuracy of 70% or 80% for computer vision or big datasets. This is mainly due to poor feature selection, because of which the size...

Feb 26, 2018

IoT Impact on manufacturing

Saurabh Chaturvedi Deputy General Manager

The blog talks about impact of internet of things in Manufacturing. There has been lot of development in adopting next-gen technologies like IoT in MFG and there has been huge investment under the use cases identified in this vertical.
Covid-19 impact on aviation

Jul 21, 2020

Flying above Corona: Making most of the lean time in Aviation

Srinath Padman Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

The aviation sector has abruptly come to a standstill, thanks to COVID-19, and business leaders are forced to rethink and reform before bouncing back to normalcy. The sector is looking at streamlining a number of areas before restarting post the...
Workplace Industry Solutions and Experiences

Aug 19, 2021

Fluid WISE – Workplace Industry Solutions and Experiences

Nikhil Singh Deputy General Manager - DWP Product Group

The modern workplace acts as a lynchpin for the enterprise in its pursuit of productivity and employee experience. This paradigm change has forced organizations everywhere to rethink how technology, processes and people can work together to achieve...
Water Management

Oct 15, 2020

Data and Analytics in Water Management

Manikandan Palanivel Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

With the increase in population across the world which is directly proportionate to increase in water consumption in homes as well as industries, there has always been a necessity to implement and keep improving water management continuously. With...
Mainframes are Here to Stay

Sep 25, 2020

Mainframes are Here to Stay

Unnikrishnan Bhaskara Operations Director, Digital & Analytics

People have been predicting the end of mainframe technology for decades. Unfazed by the naysayers, mainframes, the work horse of large enterprises have been quietly chugging away tons of computing workload for decades, without much fanfare....

Aug 26, 2020

Driving agility & rapid deployments with HCL SAPStudio for Google Cloud

Gaurav Bharara Head of Google Cloud Practice and Delivery

HCL SAPStudio for Google Cloud is a ready-to-deploy IP based on HCL’s vast experience in assisting organizations to execute their SAP digital transformation journey. In this blog, Gaurav highlights how HCL SAPStudio enables a rapid...
Risk Management
Blockchain is rapidly developing into maturity. Three core features—autonomy, immutability, and transparency —drive the technology’s ability to disrupt business models across industries. Five IT risk sub-disciplines of significant interest when...
 Discovery Automation Journey
Microsoft withdrew its support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 in January this year. This also translates among other things, an end to the regular security updates from Microsoft. This means the infrastructure and by extension, the applications...

Jan 08, 2015

Wearable Glass Technology - Will you buy it?

Navin Saini Group Technical Manager

Chitranjan Nath

The Vision of Internet of Things and the Path Forward
Chitranjan Nath - Project Manager | February 18, 2015

Vision Of Internet

The term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has been used from marketing to research publications and conference titles. I thought it would be helpful to throw a little light on the history of IoT and the vision that the world has for the use of this term.

The Digital Revolution - Why and How It Started?
Kalyan Chatrathi - ASD | February 16, 2015


Internet of Things (IoT) - Evolution and Usage
Sushil Kumar - Team Leader - Operations | February 3, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) Evolution & Usage