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Control Tower in Supply Chain Landscape

Mar 19, 2021

Control Tower in Supply Chain Landscape

Tushar Dekate Deputy General Manager- SaaS, Digital & Analytics

Supply Chain Control Tower has emerged as a critical tool in managing local and global supply chains. With availability of big data and advanced analytics tools, it is capable of aggregating and analyzing data from various systems and provides...
5 Leader-driven Behaviors of Deliberately Innovative Organizations

Mar 15, 2021

5 Leader-driven Behaviors of Deliberately Innovative Organizations

Diana Palmieri Senior Consultant, Digital & Analytics

Culture matters, and the actions employees exhibit are just as important as the bottom-line results they help to achieve. As organizations consider how to cultivate innovation internally, they should first define what true innovation is and which...
How to Design Software Implementation Training

Mar 12, 2021

How to Design Software Implementation Training

Laura Page Senior Consultant, Digital & Analytics

New software implementation comes with a host of challenges. Without a solid change management strategy, organizations can fail to fully realize the benefits of large-scale software initiatives, and a lack of training can be a major setback in...
The Pace of Change

Mar 12, 2021

The Pace of Change - Part 1: Warp Speed Ahead

Holly R. Pendleton Senior Practice Leader, Digital & Analytics

Have you noticed the default response to the question “how are you?” has shifted from “fine” or “good” to “busy”? We feel this way because we’re inundated with understanding and navigating changes impacting all aspects of our lives. Ray Kurzweil is...
CX Tools of the Trade

Feb 26, 2021

CX Tools of the Trade - Part 1

Sandra Mathis Director, Digital & Analytics

Like a dripping, leaky pipe, customer dissatisfaction and churn sound similar. Customers rarely leave without warning; they often signal their discontent multiple times before parting ways. Byt he time underlying issues are addressed, the damage...
Internet of Behavior
Amongst the many things that COVID-19 has drawn our attention to, one of the most important aspects has been that of human behavior. Our behavior will determine our safety in the world. It is a blessing that we have technology to guide us and remind...
Age of Remote Workplaces
With the recent vast increase in the need for remote workplaces and the resulting expansion of the potential attack field, it’s even more important to build your own Fort Knox to provide environment-wide security. Using the right tools in the right...
Heralding the Future

Jan 22, 2021

Heralding the Future: Distributed ERP with IoT and Cloud

Abhinav Sinha ERP advisor and SAP FICO Solution Architect

The use cases for IoT in the context of ERP are many. For example, it can be used for product improvement by making the product provide real-time feedback; it can enhance warranty services and warranty management; it can be used for predictive...
Building 5G

Jan 13, 2021

Building 5G Highway is all about ecosystem play

Jasjeet Singh Arora DGM – Hybrid Cloud Services

With the emergence of 5G as an integral part in enterprise digital transformation and enabler of Industry 4.0, telecoms are consistently striving to innovate and deliver 5G use cases. The partners and ecosystem play a crucial role in shaping up a...
Next Gen Audits
The word audit originates from the word ‘audire/auditus’ in Latin, which means ‘hearing.’ Originally, the audit reports were presented orally and thus the name. However, audits have come a long way from being just a verification methodology a couple...
Preparing for a Future Built on IoT

Jul 15, 2021

Preparing for a Future Built on IoT

Doug Concepcion Solution Evangelist

Over time, the definition of IoT has changed considerably. Today, IoT has crossed new boundaries and can be found in nearly every possible item. And with its inherent network connectivity, it’s become a major source of real-time data collection and...
5G and Cloud XR

Nov 27, 2020

5G and Cloud XR

Padmashri Suresh Enterprise Architect

Mobile communication systems change with the arrival of every decade. With the changes from 1G to 4G /LTE until 2019, the next advancement in this area is the arrival of 5G systems for mobile communication. 5G when rolled out will act as the base...
Today, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, enterprise leaders are confronted by regulatory and economic volatility on a scale that has not been experienced in generations. Accelerated by disruptive innovations, GRC challenges are...
The Power of Data Analysis

Sep 28, 2020

The Power of Data Analysis

Shanawaj Kamate Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

In our data-rich age, the primary drivers of success are understanding how to analyze and extract true meaning from the digital insights available to our business. Despite the huge volume of data, we create every day a mere 0.5% of data is analyzed...
Outsourcing Data Privacy Services

Jul 13, 2021

Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Data Privacy Services

Lisha Rodrigues Practice Lead, Cybersecurity & GRC Services

Organizations are bewildered because of the multiple data privacy regulations popping up across countries. Even though the common privacy principles across these regulations remain the same, the real greater challenge is not having the required...
Agile and DevOps

Jan 30, 2019

How to Successfully Scale Agile and DevOps – Part 2: Driving Success with People

Meshach Samuel Europe Solution Head, Digital & Analytics Practice

When we talk about digital transformation, a question that inevitably comes up is: “How can enterprises drive digital transformation at scale?” That’s a huge issue because if enterprises cannot drive digital transformation at scale, they will soon...
Harness the power

Aug 26, 2020

Harness the power of real-time insights with SAP HANA and Google BigQuery

Siva G Subramanian Global Head Data, Analytics, AIML & CCAI, HCL Google Ecosystem Business Unit

Is it worthwhile for enterprises to move SAP HANA data to Google BigQuery and use the pre-build/post-build AI and ML models? Siva G Subramanian, Principal Data Architect, HCL Google Ecosystem Business Unit, answers this pertinent question, and...
As containers start to gain adoption and transform the IT landscape, its success would not only depend on simplifying technology but how well the process and people aspects of organizations get aligned to this new wave. This is similar to the 90’s...

Combating Digital Risks
Kaustubh Chaturvedi - Senior Executive, Cybersecurity Practice | June 14, 2021

Digital transformation and hyper-connected enterprise architectures are not new and have been around for more than a decade. Enter the pandemic and something has changed – it is now slowly becoming the status quo. It is the increased importance (now a matter of survival), scale, and the pace at which organizations are undergoing operational transformation across all verticals and geographies.

Today, this shifted focus has increased the possibilities of an enterprises' critical information and key digital assets being exposed in the open with them unaware of it. This exposure, if not effectively managed, could add to the already challenging and pressing issues of today’s enterprises.

Ved Parkash Pati

Maximizing Business Value through Enterprise Integration
Ved Parkash Pati - Business Manager, Digital & Analytics | June 11, 2021

Organizations seeking success in the digital economy need to change their mindset around applications, data, process, infrastructure, and security. They might have multiple disparate applications on multiple disparate environments (on premises, cloud, and hybrid), propelling multiple processes, and generating multiple data sets. Such a disparate setup is common for large- and medium-sized enterprises. But, if these disjointed elements (applications, data, and processes) do not interact with each othear and operate in isolation, the enterprise will be inundated in the wave of big data, confused in the maze of multiple processes, and set back by the legacy of applications without gaining any insights that can further their business objectives.

Hence, enterprise integration is the new renewable energy that successful companies worldwide are harnessing upon.

From Stakeholders to Transformers: Engaging Executives to Drive Success - Part 2
Alain Paolini - Associate Vice President, Digital & Analytics | June 11, 2021

“From Stakeholders to Transformers: Engaging Executives to Drive Success” is a two-part blog series. In the first blog, we explored and identified what makes a transformer. In this blog, we provide actionable advice on how to create your own transformers.