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“Trust but Verify” is Obsolete: Zero Trust Networking

Jan 13, 2021

“Trust but Verify” is Obsolete: Zero Trust Networking

Erik Goldoff CISSP CyberSecurity Consultant, Technical Architect

'Trust but Verify’ is obsolete, supplanted by the Zero Trust concept. Chances are, you already have the hardware and the software solutions you need to implement a Zero Trust environment, so the next step is designing and architecting the proper...
Blockchain Smart Contracts

Jan 08, 2021

Design Considerations For Blockchain Smart Contracts

Ranjeet Patel Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics

Smart contracts have enabled us to develop new business models and foster business relationships built on technology-based trust. Based on blockchain technology, smart contracts inherently offer immutability, security, and transparency which...
Imagine a global enterprise trying to get a clear picture of the usage and whereabouts of critical assets allocated to their entire employee base around numerous sites and office locations. Indoor and outdoor tracking devices, tags, sensors, readers...
Network Protection

Dec 11, 2020

Should Network Protection Focus on Security or Availability?

Josh Wickern Network Security Practice Lead and Technical Architect

Virtually all organizations understand that network security policies are essential if they want to protect their lifeline— the network. When creating network cybersecurity policies, organizations lean in one of two directions— security-focused or...
An AI Sibling or Distant Cousin

Dec 04, 2020

Part IV – Conversational AI: an AI Sibling or Distant Cousin?

Dennis Helms Solution Architect, ERX Enterprise Cloud

What makes a chatbot “AI” and how does it fit into the overall AI industry? Are there other elements of AI that should be employed to provide the value that you are looking for? What is RPA and why doesn’t my bot do that? All great questions that...
5G and Cloud XR

Nov 27, 2020

5G and Cloud XR

Padmashri Suresh Enterprise Architect

Mobile communication systems change with the arrival of every decade. With the changes from 1G to 4G /LTE until 2019, the next advancement in this area is the arrival of 5G systems for mobile communication. 5G when rolled out will act as the base...
Application modernization

Nov 27, 2020

Challenges of Legacy Application Modernization

Shyam Kumar Sundarakumar Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Many organizations that carry heavy legacy baggage, are faced with many challenges running their legacy technology-based applications with many risks like reduced skill-availability, technology obsolescence etc. This article provides a brief insight...
Agile in a Time of a Pandemic
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, professionals are now adapting to work-from-home models. This shift towards a remote work model has presented every business with its fair share of challenges. Agile teams have changed radically, going from...
Customer Experience through Data Science

Nov 20, 2020

4 Ways to Drive Unparalleled Customer Experience through Data Science

David Sogn Associate Vice President – Digital & Analytics

Today, businesses are harnessing the power of data science, analytics, and cultural insights to generate highly effective and actionable business intelligence. Data science is driving everything from predictive maintenance to semantic relationship...
The Evolution of Vulnerability Assessments in Cybersecurity -Part 2
In Part 1 of the evolution of vulnerability assessments in the cybersecurity blog series, we wrote about how approaches to managing vulnerabilities have evolved significantly over a period of time and have moved away from a tool-focused to a more...
Application Modernization
The healthcare industry has always had modernization at the forefront of any large-scale change over nearly two decades. Now, with the COVID-19 crisis as a turning point, the industry needs to modernize its legacy applications through assessment,...
Welcome to my third blog post in the “How to Successfully Scale Agile and DevOps” series.
From Mid-digital to Post-digital
As a prolonged initiative to sustain competitive advantage and stay relevant to customers, global organizations are leveraging digital transformation as the defining paradigm. 2020 seems to be the mid-digital age where some organizations have...
Solution architecture with AWS IoT core

Nov 13, 2020

Leveraging AWS IoT Core for Shipment Monitoring to optimize the Supply Chain

Sooraj Kumar Raj Associate General Manager - Product Management, IoT WoRKS™

Critical and high-value assets are always on the move, and this holds across practically every industry vertical relying on supply chain and logistics operations. Naturally, enterprises seek ways to track their assets with the shipment carrier in...
The customer experience landscape is evolving rapidly with new technologies offering enterprises unprecedented access to data and changing the nature of customer interactions. Against this backdrop, organizations are making strides in the...
Spare Parts Counterfeiting

Jul 13, 2020

Auto Spare Parts Counterfeiting and How Blockchain Can Help

Vishal Shekhar Product Manager, Digital & Analytics

The automotive supply chain involves the supply of components for manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution of spare parts. These auto spare parts are used in after-sales service and constitute a major source of income for the automobile...
Combating Digital Risks

Jun 14, 2021

Combating Digital Risks

Kaustubh Chaturvedi Senior Executive, Cybersecurity Practice

Digital transformation and hyper-connected enterprise architectures are not new and have been around for more than a decade. Enter the pandemic and something has changed – it is now slowly becoming the status quo. It is the increased importance (now...
Ethereum Functions

Sep 28, 2017

Understanding How Ethereum Functions and Its Various Components

Susmit Sil Technical Architect, Digital & Analytics

This blog delves into the functioning of Ethereum and its components. It highlights the blockchain foundation of Ethereum and the intricacies involved in its operation
Jayaramakrishnan Sundarraj

Artificial Neural Network, Neural Architecture Search (NAS) and its applications - Part 2
Jayaramakrishnan Sundararaj - Technical Manager | May 21, 2021

Normal machine learning or deep learning applications with human intervention in feature selection provides a maximum accuracy of 70% or 80% for computer vision or big datasets. This is mainly due to poor feature selection, because of which the size of the neural network increases. It is important to decide the features to be used, the number of neural layers, as well as the neurons for each layer. NAS is part of an automated machine learning (AutoML) algorithm to find the best combination of data preparations, hyperparameters, training and evaluation of a model. Click here to continue e best combination of data preparations, hyperparameters, training and evaluation of a model.

The Pace of Change-Part 2: The Spotlight Effect
Holly R. Pendleton - Senior Practice Leader, Digital & Analytics | May 21, 2021

The Pace of Change is an article series that explores the quickening pace of change, how organizations are responding, and why the only way to keep up is by fundamentally shifting our view on change. This blog in the series focuses on how organizations approach change today: The Spotlight Effect.

From Stakeholders to Transformers: Engaging Executives to Drive Success - Part 1
Alain Paolini - Associate Vice President, Digital & Analytics | May 21, 2021

“From Stakeholders to Transformers: Engaging Executives to Drive Success” is a two-part blog series that first explores and identifies what makes a transformer, and provides actionable advice on how to create your own transformers. In this blog, we discuss the five key traits of a transformer.