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Digital Transformation

Oct 14, 2020

Ensuring Success in Large-Scale Digital Transformation

Deepak Kikan Deputy General Manager, Digital & Analytics

Digital transformation has been one of the major topics for large organizations to achieve optimization, cost reduction, minimizing manual interactions and aligning business and IT. With the changing times, it has become the need of the hour for...
Java Application Modernization Options

Oct 14, 2020

Current Trends in Java Application Modernization

Rahamathulla MJ Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Java has stood the test of time. It remains the dominant programming language for developing enterprise applications. With respect to Java EE, it was earlier maintained by Oracle under the Java Community Process. On September 12, 2017, Oracle...
Data Management
This data management guide will empower more business leaders to identify the tools/technology and skills needed for their data management requirements, HCL’s value addition in this area, and reducing reliance on the technical team during the...
Cloud Migration Marathon

Oct 13, 2020

Cloud Migration Marathon and Need for Automated Multi-Cloud Migration Factory

Anandan Subbiah Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses, from the small to the large enterprise, irrespective of the industry. Enterprises are being enforced by different business drivers and technology drivers to embark on the digital...
New Era of Digital Economy
Today in the era of digital transformation, being agile and agility mindset is taking center stage in the enterprises. Experience has proved that Business Agility is necessary for a wider organization to reach with a higher degree of benefits as...

Oct 12, 2020

Modernizing the Legacy File System - VSAM to RDBMS

Antony Dasan Arravindh Group Project Manager, Digital & Analytics

With an increasing demand for migrating or modernizing application that uses legacy file systems such as VSAM, it is becoming imperative to convert the files to RDBMS. It not only helps to manage the data effectively but also reduces the cost of...
Multicloud: The New Norm in Digital Enterprise

Oct 09, 2020

Multicloud: The New Norm in Digital Enterprise

Subramanian Murukesan Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

Multicloud adoption is slowly becoming a norm in today’s digital world and organizations are increasingly using a combination of private and public clouds from multiple vendors to deploy their applications as they help an organization to achieve...
Automating Industrialising Microservices

Oct 07, 2020

Automating Industrialising Microservices

Arup Kumar Pal Enterprise Architect, Digital & Analytics

With increasing demand in Cloud App development, development of Microservices with end-to-end DevOps and Testing for many projects and customer has increased a lot. An industrialized factory-based development approach along-with tool and technique...
 Program Management in situations like COVID-19

Oct 07, 2020

Program Management in situations like COVID-19

Pankaj Kumar Gupta Associate General Manager, Digital & Analytics

Pandemic situations such as COVID-19 are not a routine phenomenon and happens once in a long while. However, when such a crisis happens the customer programs might get impacted due to change in working conditions causing anxiety, depression and fear...
DataOps for a Retail Giant through Data Operations and DevOps

Jun 02, 2021

DataOps for a Retail Giant through Data Operations and DevOps

Anantha Bhat Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Organizations have been managing data on premises for a long time and they are now in the process of modernizing their data management initiatives by shifting to the Cloud. However, modern enterprises have reached a point now where the quantity,...
Nimble and Efficient
‘Single-purpose’ software served as a much-needed breakthrough in enterprise software development. Such software manifested themselves on central systems wherein information was collated across business functions to enable actionable decision-...
Age of Remote Workplaces
With the recent vast increase in the need for remote workplaces and the resulting expansion of the potential attack field, it’s even more important to build your own Fort Knox to provide environment-wide security. Using the right tools in the right...
As sales of new equipment deacrease and compition increases , companies are looking for new way to increase their revenue and customer loyalty. Aftermarket service is in focus to address the revenue, profitability challenges leading to a whole world...
Data Fabric

Sep 26, 2018

Transform your digital data eco-system with a Data Fabric approach

Venkata Krishna C Global Solutions Lead - Data and Analytics

A modern Data Fabric architecture pattern is the key to connecting application performance with application functionalities. Businesses can reduce data ingestion and preparation time in one go by utilizing a rapid pattern-based development approach...
Network Protection

Dec 11, 2020

Should Network Protection Focus on Security or Availability?

Josh Wickern Network Security Practice Lead and Technical Architect

Virtually all organizations understand that network security policies are essential if they want to protect their lifeline— the network. When creating network cybersecurity policies, organizations lean in one of two directions— security-focused or...
response to Covid-19
Co-authored by: Emma Peng
AWS IoT Analytics

Nov 09, 2020

Self-Help for Inventory Shelves with AWS IoT Analytics

Madhumanti Banerjee Technical Product Manager, IoT WoRKSᵀᴹ

"Big Data" and "Internet of Things" has created a pathway for firms to go beyond the traditional demand forecast routines by analyzing historical data and provide recommendations. We are now moving toward a centralized monitoring approach that...
Customer Satisfaction

Sep 22, 2015

How Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) Can Be Improved

Prafull Verma Fellow & Chief Architect - Unified Services Management

We often come across appealing slogans around customer satisfaction and are motivated to put in a greater effort to figure out how to improve it. But we often miss the scientific factors behind customer satisfaction.
Ranjeet Patel

Design Considerations For Blockchain Smart Contracts
Ranjeet Patel - Deputy Manager, Digital & Analytics | January 8, 2021

Smart contracts have enabled us to develop new business models and foster business relationships built on technology-based trust. Based on blockchain technology, smart contracts inherently offer immutability, security, and transparency which differentiates them from traditional contracts, giving involved parties a credible mechanism to execute their business agreements with added cryptographic security.

The blockchain programs are new, complex, and highly experimental. Constant changes are expected in the development and security landscape, as new bugs and security risks are discovered, and new best practices are developed. However, with smart people putting their heads together to drive them, smart contracts are poised to transform the busienss landscape.

Mayank Mathur

IATM & AWS: Delivering Transformational Returns on Assets for Enterprises
Mayank Mathur - Senior Solution Architect, IoT WoRKS™ | December 11, 2020

Imagine a global enterprise trying to get a clear picture of the usage and whereabouts of critical assets allocated to their entire employee base around numerous sites and office locations. Indoor and outdoor tracking devices, tags, sensors, readers, and gateways connect the dark assets to the cloud.

As the number of IoT devices deployed across multiple geographies increases manifold, the cloud's role becomes more prominent, not just for remote device management but also for the management and analysis of the massive amount of data generated, resulting in valuable and actionable insights. Read the blog to know more!

Should Network Protection Focus on Security or Availability?
Josh Wickern - Network Security Practice Lead and Technical Architect | December 11, 2020

Virtually all organizations understand that network security policies are essential if they want to protect their lifeline— the network. When creating network cybersecurity policies, organizations lean in one of two directions— security-focused or availability-focused.

New security products may get deployed for audit and compliance purposes or to remedy already-compromised environments, and mirroring old policies can be a costly mistake. Understanding how differences between old and new solutions— even when they appear very similar— is crucial for getting the right kinds of policies to support the needs of the organization.

A closer look at the pros and cons of each policy model with examples, practical tips, and considerations during decision-making, design, and deployment.