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Program Management for Next-Gen Enterprises

Oct 07, 2020

Program Management for Next-Gen Enterprises

Pankaj Kumar Gupta Associate General Manager, Digital & Analytics

In the digital world, enterprises cannot afford failure of innovation-driven digital transformation programs due to poor execution, as competition is too fierce and the time to market is critical. Driven by the speed of business change, advancement...
DevOps to SecDevOps for securing business acceleration
The ultimate business case for hybrid cloud can never be better illustrated than in present context. When the unanticipated Covid-19 situation called for the swift adoption of remote workplace practices and necessitated mission-critical personnel to...
Automation in IT services

Sep 28, 2020

Automation in IT services

Shivaramesh Krishna Principal Architect, Digital & Analytics

The blog touches upon various scenarios of IT life cycle activities and potential chores which can be automated through software tools, termed as “IT robots”. It lists few tasks performed by different roles in various phases of application...

Sep 28, 2020

Managing Financial Health in the Covid Era

Ankur Gupta General Manager, CoE, D&A

COVID-19 is a pandemic which humanity could have done without. Its perils on the various facets of the modern-day organization are significant and touch every industry across the board. It has slowed down most of the businesses and the overall world...
Metrics drive employee behaviour in Agile Teams

Sep 28, 2020

Metrics drive employee behaviour in Agile Teams

Manu Agarwal Assistant General Manager, Digital & Analytics

Manu Agarwal is an expert in Agile tools TFS, JIRA, and Excel. Recently he worked on JIRA and Jira Align integration in Wawa, Philadelphia, and made JIRA work for 8 teams on the ground for rolled-up Program Level Agile Project Management. He has...
The Power of Data Analysis

Sep 28, 2020

The Power of Data Analysis

Shanawaj Kamate Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

In our data-rich age, the primary drivers of success are understanding how to analyze and extract true meaning from the digital insights available to our business. Despite the huge volume of data, we create every day a mere 0.5% of data is analyzed...
Mainframes are Here to Stay

Sep 25, 2020

Mainframes are Here to Stay

Unnikrishnan Bhaskara Operations Director, Digital & Analytics

People have been predicting the end of mainframe technology for decades. Unfazed by the naysayers, mainframes, the work horse of large enterprises have been quietly chugging away tons of computing workload for decades, without much fanfare....
People-first Perspective

Sep 23, 2020

A People-first Perspective to Cloud Migration

Audra Miller Consulting Manager, Digital & Analytics

Digital transformation has long been considered to be imperative for enterprises. It is high time for initiatives such as cloud migration to take center stage. But have you considered the impact beyond the data? A cloud migration fundamentally...
BI Strategy – Setting Standards and Vision

Sep 16, 2020

BI Strategy – Setting Standards and Vision

Hari Narayanan Ganapathy Senior Solutions Director, Digital & Analytics

A successful BI strategy is defined as a collaborative effort by the relevant team, who share their expertise and approach, taking insights into the organization, regulatory, socio-economical, sentiments, people and behavioral needs that influences...
Role of Patient Sentiment Analysis during Pandemics

Jul 24, 2020

Role of Patient Sentiment Analysis during Pandemics

Shama S Pillai Associate Business Manager, Digital & Analytics

Patient Sentiment Analysis is a text analytics or data mining process that is engaged to understand patient emotions and clinical care experience. It provides deep insight into the patient care experience or treatment experience, helps reduce costs...
AWS IoT Analytics

Nov 09, 2020

Self-Help for Inventory Shelves with AWS IoT Analytics

Madhumanti Banerjee Technical Product Manager, IoT WoRKSᵀᴹ

"Big Data" and "Internet of Things" has created a pathway for firms to go beyond the traditional demand forecast routines by analyzing historical data and provide recommendations. We are now moving toward a centralized monitoring approach that...
CX Tools of the Trade, Part 2: Customer Personas

May 19, 2021

CX Tools of the Trade, Part 2: Customer Personas

Sandra Mathis Director, Digital & Analytics

In the “Tools of the Trade” series, we focus on commonly used customer experience tools and practices. The series kicked off with empathy mapping, a common yet often misused and misunderstood customer experience (CX) tool that is often confused with...
Plateauing Compliance
Sub Prime crisis heralded a new era of sharp focus in the compliance domain. Financial institutions worldwide suffered losses of over $300 billion due to compliance-related fines and damages. Since then, compliance has become mainstream for...
Customer Satisfaction

Sep 22, 2015

How Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) Can Be Improved

Prafull Verma Fellow & Chief Architect - Unified Services Management

We often come across appealing slogans around customer satisfaction and are motivated to put in a greater effort to figure out how to improve it. But we often miss the scientific factors behind customer satisfaction.
Digital Disruption Decode

Jul 03, 2019

Digital Disruption Decoded

Sridhar Negamanthan Vice President and Global Head Business Innovation

The entry barrier to exploring new digital technologies is diminishing given the maturity and quantum of platforms and services via the cloud. This blog elucidates four key tenets enterprises should consider while responding to technological...
IoT Works

Feb 26, 2018

Internet of Things in Retail

Ashwini Global Engagement Manager

This blogs emphasizes the impact of IoT in Retail. How internet of things is enabling retail to achieve business transformation and what are the key use cases where IoT can play a big role.
Virtual Clinical Trials
As with most walks of life, the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions have acted as a major roadblock toward conducting clinical trials. As with most workarounds, virtualization and digitization of operations will be the way forward to...
Playing Digital
The impact of technology is being felt across organizations, and sports franchises are no different. However, the sporting industry is in a unique position to capitalize on. From tech-assisted refereeing to the application of data and analytics to...
Sooraj Kumar Raj

Leveraging AWS IoT Core for Shipment Monitoring to optimize the Supply Chain
Sooraj Kumar Raj - Associate General Manager - Product Management, IoT WoRKS™ | November 13, 2020

Critical and high-value assets are always on the move, and this holds across practically every industry vertical relying on supply chain and logistics operations. Naturally, enterprises seek ways to track their assets with the shipment carrier in ways that are most optimal to their requirements. The end goal is often to have greater visibility and control of assets while in transit with the shipment carrier while opening up opportunities to optimize business operations based on insights-driven decisions.

Read the blog to know how the intelligent shipment monitoring solution with AWS enables enterprises to have greater control over the movement of their assets while having enough data and insights over time to optimize business operations as required.

Agile Transformation – Achieving Group Flow
Seema Noronha - Deputy General Manager, Digital & Analytics | November 11, 2020

Achieving Flow is a blog that came about when Seema was experimenting with Animal Flow as a fitness regime. In this blog, Seema has tried to draw parallels between Animal Flow and Product Development Flow in an Agile world. She has co-related her personal learning during the fitness journey to the learnings when teams transition to Agile, and the interplay between the two makes for easy understanding of some key concepts of Lean Flow.

Madhumanti Banerjee

Self-Help for Inventory Shelves with AWS IoT Analytics
Madhumanti Banerjee - Technical Product Manager, IoT WoRKSᵀᴹ | November 9, 2020

"Big Data" and "Internet of Things" has created a pathway for firms to go beyond the traditional demand forecast routines by analyzing historical data and provide recommendations. We are now moving toward a centralized monitoring approach that extracts data right from the point of usage and delivers it on a decision-making platter with its imbibed intelligence.

Read the blog to know more about how we can meet challenges caused by unpredictable inventory and used IoT enabled inventory replenishment can reduce the worries of losing out on customer loyalty to a great extent.