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What U.K. Can Teach about Aggregators
In the last 10 years or so, the single biggest development we have seen in U.K. personal auto insurance distribution is the phenomenal rise of aggregators – known otherwise as “price comparison websites.” Top aggregators in the U.K. marketplace such...
Robots in Ecommerce Automation
Warehouse automation is the need of the hour as delays in deliveries outrage E-commerce customers. Robots have entered this segment and are changing the way companies handle their fulfillment processes. Robots are now collaborating with humans and...
Long Tail Strategies – Retail to IT

Jan 27, 2015

Long Tail Strategies – Retail to IT

Vittal Devarajan Senior Vice President

Baird Equity Research Technology estimates that for every dollar spent on Cloud, there is at least $3 to $4 not spent on traditional IT
Digital Transformation
There are no more digital customers. They are now digitally connected customers and in fact they are connected with an average of 4 devices. This digital revolution has introduced a phenomenal change in the way the customers shop, supporting them...
Evolution in Global E-Commerce Logistics
Despite an economic downturn, E-commerce companies have seen significant growth. The rapid increase in inter- country E-commerce has led to heavy investment by 3PL companies in better technology and tracking. 
Retailers can measure and attribute interactions during customer journey to channels, and create a unified and consistent experience.Measuring and attributing cross-channel customer interactions to respective stakeholders orchestrating the journey...