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How Global Trends

Jan 05, 2018

How Global Trends are Shaping the Retail Technology of the Future

Dhanalakshmi Prithivirajan - Senior Consultant - ES-OU-OES-OES Technical
Senior Consultant
This blog portrays how the global trends are shaping the future of Retail sector. It conveys the ideas that can be incorporated using various trending technologies. It clearly gives a vision on the role that technology can play right from...
Store Digitization

Dec 26, 2017

‘Store Digitization’ – the solution to bridge the digital gap between customers and stores

Madhusudhan Kandula - Associate Business Manager – HCL Retail & CPG Consulting
Associate Business Manager
To deal with knowledgeable digital customers, stores should not think twice in adopting digital tools. But a proper assessment has to be done to choose the right digitizing services because every retailer need is different and also every initiative...

Dec 21, 2017

How CDOs Can Become Chief ‘Differentiating’ Officers for Retail Organizations

Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray - Global Engagement Manager, Digital, Retail & CPG Industries
Global Engagement Manager
Retailers need to focus on integrating digital into all aspects of the business – from channels and processes and data to the operating model, incentives, and culture. This journey to digital nirvana needs a visionary leader who can leverage...
How Digital Transformation can improve the Retailing Experience

Dec 20, 2017

How Digital Transformation can improve the Retailing Experience

Anup Sharma - Deputy General Manager – Retail and Consumer Product Goods (RCPG)
Deputy General Manager
Digital Transformation has come up as a major disruption, forcing Retailer across formats and demography to adopt to key elements of this massive change. New age consumers are becoming more and more reliant on social media and mobile devices...
A reflection of global changes

Dec 20, 2017

Retail – A reflection of global changes

Taranjeet Khanuja - Deputy General Manager – HCL Business Consulting
Deputy General Manager
Looking at news , and finding yet another retailer shutting down few stores and declaring bankruptcy is new normal, which makes us think about future of retail. To think of it, the consumption patterns may change , but consumption and trade – both...
Driving a seamless Omnichannel customer experience

Dec 20, 2017

Driving a seamless Omnichannel customer experience

Vinay Singh Tomar - Associate Project Manager – Enterprise Multichannel Commerce Services
Associate Project Manager
People increasingly multitask, interacting with multiple devices over several channels to complete a task – the web, email, social networks, text messaging, voice(IVR) -- initiating a conversation or task on one, taking it up later on another....
Big Data

Dec 19, 2017

Big Data in Retail – How to win with Predictive Analytics

In the rapidly diversifying retail ecosystem and evermore rapidly changing customer tastes and preferences, the search for the most effective marketing and sales strategy is of monumental significance. Predictive analytics, which marries big data...
Digital Transformation

Dec 19, 2017

How digital transformation can improve the retail shopping experience?

Abdul Gaffar - Deputy Manager, HCL Business Consulting
Deputy Manager
There are no more digital customers. They are now digitally connected customers and in fact they are connected with an average of 4 devices. This digital revolution has introduced a phenomenal change in the way the customers shop, supporting them...
Customer Relationships

Oct 10, 2017

A Digital Approach to Driving Direct Customer Relationships in the CPG Digital Quasar

Sakthi Kuppusamy Kuppusamy - Technical Architect
Technical Architect
We are now living in the age of the Empowered Customer where consumers are connected via mobile, social media along with web of information on user’s experience in the form of reviews in an increasingly Digital World. Today there are many ways for...



Jan 09, 2018

Omnichannel: Creating a seamless and high quality customer experience

Piyush Gupta - SENIOR TECHNICAL LEAD, Retail Consumer Packaged Goods Practice, HCL
Senior Technical Lead
Omni channel as the name suggests is a combination of two words - Omni and channel. It is the existence of products and services at all modes or channels to provide customers, a seamless and integrated experience of shopping. In today's connected...
Digital Loyality

May 03, 2017

How CPGs Can Counter Decreasing Brand Loyalty

Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray - Global Engagement Manager, Digital, Retail & CPG Industries
Global Engagement Manager
The digital channels present a great opportunity for CPG brands to connect directly with the consumers and build lasting relationships, powered by engaging loyalty programs
Supply Chain

Jan 09, 2018

Unlocking Omnichannel’s potential with PIM (Product Information Master)

Anurag Anand - Associate General Manager – HCL Retail & Consumer Goods Consulting
Associate General Manager
While numerous articles talk of delivering a seamless omnichannel experience by leveraging such factors as common customer databases, digital, customer interactions, analytics, and socialytics, none of these factors touch upon the backbone of the...
Barriers Breaking

Aug 28, 2018

Breaking Barriers between Consumer Product Goods and Retail: An Emerging Battle to Grab Consumer Mindshare

Shiva Mathur - Vice President -Retail CPG
Vice President -Retail CPG
Until a few years ago, the retail industry was a fairly straightforward one. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies manufactured and distributed products and retailers finally sold them to end customers. Relationships between consumers and the...
Technology disruptions

Aug 05, 2019

How social media conversations and technology disruptions are impacting today’s retailers

Ritu Saxena - Global Client Partner & Senior Director, USA Retail & CPG
Global Client Partner & Senior Director
Given the importance of social media in online commerce and the changing nature of the customer, it is crucial that retailers proactively adapt to these trends. Retailers need to broaden their approach to use AI, ML, and social media to build hyper-...
What U.K. Can Teach about Aggregators

Apr 13, 2016

What U.K. Can Teach about Aggregators

Venkat Ramachandran - Senior Insurance Practice Leader
Practice Leader
In the last 10 years or so, the single biggest development we have seen in U.K. personal auto insurance distribution is the phenomenal rise of aggregators – known otherwise as “price comparison websites.” Top aggregators in the U.K. marketplace such...
AI Shaping Retail

Jul 03, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - Changing the Future of Retail

Shivendra Singh Yadav - Senior Product Manager – NGDC PMG
Senior Product Manager
Customers expect more as tech evolves at breakneck speed. AI helps resolve the challenges encountered by retailers striving to survive despite mounting expectations and stiff competition. 

Nov 30, 2018

Security in a digitally enabled Retail CPG world

Ajai Kumar - Vice President - Engineering R&D
Vice President
According to HBR, Retail is one of top 5 industries to be most affected by digital transformation. The usual suspects IoT, AI and analytics are being implemented at large scale across the biggest retail players with Amazon leading the way and...
Retailers Reinvent

Aug 28, 2018

Flourishing in the Age of Amazon: How can Retailers Reinvent themselves to Stay Relevant

Vijay Verma - Sr. Vice President & Business Head – RCPG
Sr. Vice President & Business Head – RCPG
Mainstream retail is dead, or so the doomsday sayers would like everyone to believe. As mobile apps and ecommerce keep gaining traction worldwide in an era of on-demand consumption, traditional brick-and-mortar chains have no future, critics argue....


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