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As per a Fortune Magazine report, almost 94% of the Fortune 1000 compa

Nov 08, 2022

Simplified Settlement


Vaibhav Sharma, Travel Industry Solution Expert

What is RPA?

Feb 14, 2022

Digitally driven green warehouses


Vaibhav Sharma, Travel Industry Solution Expert

Consumers across industries and geographies are growing increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchase decisions on the planet.
The need for saving energy has gained significant popularity in the last few years. To bring about a scalable change, we need to begin with sectors with the highest energy consumption. The objective of this blog is to understand the overall…

Oct 05, 2020

Changed Realities in Hospitality Industry post COVID-19


Pranita Panigrahi, Presales Consultant - TTLH

The global COVID-19 outbreak has affected businesses, especially the travel and hospitality industry, and disrupted the continuity of operations. As we come to terms with the pandemic, industries are grappling the consequences of an economic…

Jun 15, 2020

How COVID19 is impacting IT & other industries?


Prabhat Kumar, General Manager, Cloud Native Practice

IT companies depend upon other industries for their projects. With so much disruption, many potential and existing customers will be forced to re-prioritize their budgets and IT investments may be diverted into the core businesses.

Jun 08, 2020

Securing the future with smart supply chains


Madhumanti Banerjee, Technical Product Manager, IoT WoRKSᵀᴹ

A smart track and trace solution that begins by setting up an immensely powerful value chain network that is adaptable, responsive and driven by next-gen technologies and real-time analytics, can very well deliver the added edge as we strive to…

May 20, 2020

The ‘New Normal’ in Airlines | COVID-19 and Beyond


Vaibhav Sharma, Travel Industry Solution Expert

COVID-19 has brought a change that might just be here for some time. The new norm of social distancing had impacted the way we travel. Things have changed and airlines, being one of the foremost industries that have got impacted, need to think of…
If you have been traveling to the big cities in growing economies like India & China, you would agree that you don’t recognize the city every time you travel back, the vehicle flux is multifold, the routes are changed with ever increasing…