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Governance Risk & Compliance


Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is about identifying and controlling risks, complying with new rules and regulations maintaining right to do business, guarding brand reputation and increasingly, setting out sustainability practices.

HCLTech is a pioneer in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance. With an established Center of Excellence for Governance, Risk & Compliance consulting, our seasoned and experienced practitioners provide strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges across the enterprise.

HCLTech’s Governance Risk & Compliance services are designed to help your organization better identify, understand and manage the dynamic interrelationships between risk and compliance and incorporate those disciplines into daily business activities.

Powered by its rich experience, HCLTech has developed industry specific GRC solutions portfolio (combinations of advisory services, methodologies, and tools) that address both the regulatory and strategic needs of an enterprise. Engagements with organizations across industry verticals stand testimony to our expertise in this domain which goes beyond regulatory compliance and incorporates international best practices – helping your organization unlock its true potential.

HCLTech’s solution portfolio includes Business domain and Technology expertise, a unique combination which drives a successful GRC program in an enterprise. Our experience in various industry verticals coupled with deep domain knowledge has created unmatched solution capabilities that help our clients reduce their risk exposure and improve governance while proactively managing compliance, all with an automated GRC system.

Our services are designed as a global, unified risk & compliance framework that can be vertically tailored to an organizations specific needs, allowing you to assert more control over complex and ever-changing risk and compliance dynamics.

Our Governance Risk & Compliance portfolio comprise of:

  • Compliance Management Services: Setup, Enhance and manage an effective regulatory compliance management ecosystem to manage multiple regulatory requirements (industry specific and geography specific) within an organization
  • Governance and Risk Management Services: Build and enhance IT governance, Enterprise & IT risk management processes with strategies & roadmaps, effective policy management, operations and regulatory risk management processes
  • Audit and Assessment Services: Build, perform and manage audits and assessments related to IT Governance, Regulatory/Policy Compliance, Security/Information Security, Third Party Control & Governance and provide external and internal audit support
  • Data Privacy Services: Strengthen and build reliable services in a data sensitive environment with the help of Inventory and Data flow mapping, privacy program implementation, impact assessments, regulation analysis and incident management
  • GRC Platform Implementation and Support Services: Increase visibility with IT GRC solution blueprint, implementation, integration and monitoring

Our Governance Risk & Compliance