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Infrastructure & Cloud Security


In the age of continuously evolving threats, stringent IT governances & compliances, and cloud service adoption, it is imperative to implement robust network security. Simultaneously, sensitive data is being collected, processed, and disseminated within the infra and cloud environment. Thus, infrastructure security necessitates greater depth and breadth of knowledge, toolsets, and other resources. However, IT teams lack the expertise or resources to assess and enhance network security and infrastructure security. In fact, enterprises cannot especially afford to fall short on the infrastructure security layer.

Therefore, HCL has crafted Defend & Protect framework to enable enterprises build a multilayer secured perimeter. The Defend & Protect framework helps organizations build a strategy to protect the data irrespective of its location and hosted environment be it cloud, on premise or third party locations. It also helps organization in discovering the shadow IT created by different business units and enforce security policy globally.  HCL facilitates enterprises to securely expand their businesses investments.

At HCL, we ensure greater visibility, awareness, and protection to bolster IT infrastructure security through:

  • Data Security: Data is the lifeline of business and our experts help identify loopholes in IT infrastructure security. Subsequently, we implement point solutions to prevent data misuse or leakage
  • System & Platform Security: This is an important aspect of the 360 degree approach as platforms deal with business critical data. HCL helps enterprises take a focused view of their system and platform security and ensure complete protection against threats
  • Perimeter & Network Security: In today’s dynamic landscape, it’s a challenging task for most enterprises to secure their elastic perimeters. Our expertise lies in securing global enterprises in this milieu
  • Endpoint & End User Security: Ensuring end user security in an enterprise environment is crucial as most breaches originate from there. HCL enables end user security through its proven expertise in implementing end user security measures
  • Cloud & Virtualization Security:  Enterprises are rushing to adopt cloud, but cloud security considerations are vastly different from traditional infrastructure security. HCL helps customer deep dive into the technology while ensuring cloud security of workloads and environment