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Security of Things


As modern enterprises continue to realize the potential of IoT, what it delivers, and how it simplifies things, the concern about security and privacy has come to the fore. Issues that used to be IT considerations have now become reasons enough to turn a business turtle. As IoT applications emerge, mature, and change with time, our Dynamic CyberSecurity services and solutions make sure that your ability to conduct business successfully remains unaffected.

How does HCL help ?

HCL Security of Things, with expertise in IoT, strong capabilities in strategy and governance, cybersecurity transformation, and cybersecurity managed services, knows what it takes to get all teams, from systems engineers to CISO or CIO, on the same plane, when it comes to cybersecurity.

With our Dynamic ICS we help organizations understand cyber threats, identify associated risks, prioritize investments, and improve cyber resilience and safety.

Strategy & Architecture: Plant OT-IT

  • Assess your risk
  • Asset Definition and Inventory Management
  • Cybersecurity Assessment Consulting
  • Security Controls
  • Convergence Consulting Services

Transformation & Integration: Controls Validation and Integration

  • Protect your Operations
  • Secure your Network Design
  • Segregation of Duty
  • Systems & Connected Device Security Configuration
  • Implement ICS Vulnerability Management Tools
  • Plant ITOT Security Monitoring Service

Managed Services: Continuous Security Lifecycle Improvement

  • Business Aligned Security Service Management
  • Track & Monitor Cyber Incidence
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous Review & Predictive Maintenance
  • Triage Management & Service