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Security of Things


The industrial and manufacturing sector is witnessing many technology shifts in recent times. With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) and interconnected devices and greater cloud and digital adoption, IT and OT systems and data are moving beyond the physical confines of the plant to the larger perimeter of the internet and cloud. This has unfortunately also meant greater exposure to risk and security challenges.

Plants and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have become a prime target for cyberattacks such as malware, insider attacks, Denial of Service(DOS), third-party threats and others causing disruptions to operations and even customer and financial losses. Thus, a concerted security solution that encompasses the entire interconnected ecosystem and provides increased visibility and cohesion of security controls is the need of the hour.


HCL’s Security of Things is a dynamic and constantly evolving operational technology (OT) / Internet of Things (IoT) services that provides enhanced security for plants, manufacturing companies and Industrial Control Systems(ICS). Our services cover the complete gamut of security - beginning from consulting and architecture to transformation and managed services.

Strategy, consulting & architecture Transformation & integration Managed Security Services
  • Cybersecurity governance, Risk and resilience assessment
  • Vulnerability aassessment
  • Secured network architecture
  • IoT application security testing
  • Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) and security awareness
  • User awareness trainings
  • Asset and vulnerability management solutions
  • Network segmentation
  • End point protection
  • Access management: privileges and authentication mechanism for plant Users and vendors
  • OT/ICS threat and incident monitoring solutions
  • Asset criticality and risk reporting
  • Business aligned security service management
  • Systems events and network activities monitoring for security incidents
  • Cybersecurity risk reporting and operational metric reviews


HCL’s 360° SecureOT Framework enables organizations assess, strategize, define, design and manage their OT landscape based on various industry accepted cyber security guidelines and standards such as NIST SP 800-82, ISA 95 and IEC 62443. The framework covers 4-key dimensions of any industrial/ OT landscape: assets, people, technology, and process & compliance.

Our promise

Customers can be at peace when it comes to their security thanks to HCL’s unique 5D assurance model. The 5D assurance comprises of the 5 key deliveries focus that will assure a secure enterprise:

  • Delivering change at speed with HCL 360° offerings, the dynamic cybersecurity and 360° SecureOT frameworks, HCL IP and accelerators which enable you to jumpstart on fulfilling business objectives
  • Delivering globally and locally with 40 plus global delivery centers, state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Fusion Centers (CSFC) and various other customized delivery options
  • Delivering at scale through our 150 strong seasoned team of OT cybersecurity architects and technical experts with core OT experience across industry verticals, specialized CoEs and innovation labs
  • Delivering excellence based on industry standards and recognized by analysts globally for delivery excellence
  • Building deep relationships along with a mature partner ecosystem of 40 plus collaborative alliances including industry leading OT automation and OT cybersecurity providers and 20 plus active engagements