In today’s highly regulated business environment, organizations need to comply with multiple mandates. Traditionally, business have responded to emergent regulatory & governance requirements by assigning a dedicated compliance solutions team. However, similarities across regulations create overlapping management, documentation, control and audit requirements, which can overwhelm efforts of compliance risk management effectively.

We have therefore, developed the BRiCS™ framework to identify, understand, and manage the dynamic inter-relationships between business and IT, while incorporating GRC disciplines into business-as-usual activities. This platform addresses compliance risk management challenges by translating them into opportunities.

Key Attributes:

  • Comprehensive process repository of 10 process domains with flows, RACI, KPIs, reporting & monitoring criteria
  • Aligning business and IT compliance requirements, key governance process, matured process definition, operational methodology based on industry standards and best practices
  • Process and workflow content customized for diverse industry verticals
  • An inventory of accelerators in the form of best practices, guidelines, tools and templates to support the execution of detailed work steps and generate predefined deliverables
  • Tools-agnostic approach to deploy the framework for governance, risk & compliance (GRC) solutions
  • Strong integration with business intelligence & analytics to make the comprehensive use of organizational data

Differentiators & Value Propositions


  • Increased ROI on GRC investments by leveraging HCLTech experienced risk & compliance practitioners
  • Reduced cost of compliance sustenance with ready to be deployed standard operating procedures & control libraries
  • Streamlined control implementation and monitoring by utilizing unified control framework

Learning and Growth:

  • Data driven and analytics approach that builds intelligence in risk & compliance initiatives
  • Increased and real time visibility leading to faster decision making and growth
  • Enterprise wide rationalization of controls
  • Easy to adopt GRC processes, easing the organizational change management


  • Horizontal, geographic as well as vertical specific GRC solutions & processes
  • Improved customer confidence by providing consistent & reliable operations
  • Complete agility in responding to changing risks & compliance dynamics
  • GRC solutions in line with technologies and supporting initiatives like big data, digital, IoT and autonomics


  • Integration and automation of risk and compliance processes using leading GRC platforms
  • Single source of truth across the risk, controls and governance initiatives across the enterprise
  • Helps achieve and sustain organizational objectives


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