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Rapid cloud expansion has introduced risks beyond those stemming from cybercrime. As a result, the concept of a perimeter-based security strategy no longer makes sense. Instead, organizations need to adopt a dynamic model where digital identity is used as the key method of protecting digital assets regardless of their location or how they are being accessed. Data in the wrong hands has severe implications that impacts the long-term brand reputation of an enterprise.

HCLTech’s modern & scalable solutions help our customers in adopting a centralized system for constant data monitoring and control, while minimizing the risk of sensitive data breaches and infiltration of customer privacy. Therefore, maximizing resiliency by enabling data masking and user authentication at every touchpoint. HCLTech provides 360-degree lifecycle capabilities to deliver a robust data security program that’s tailored for your digitization needs.


HCLTech possesses the right mix of expertise and experience to engage with organizations across the data security and data privacy lifecycle — from strategy through technology selection and process definition to the final deployment and operationalization.

Strategy, consulting and architecture

Strategy, consulting and architecture

Key features include:

  • Creation of data security and privacy architecture
  • Technology evaluation and consulting
  • Roadmap and budgeting for ROI
  • Data security program design
  • Articulation of solution requirements
  • DLP policy evaluation
  • Data protection model & process
  • Data protection technology selection
  • Data discovery & data classification
  • Data protection risk assessment/PIA
  • Data masking
  • Data classification
  • Data discovery
  • Data flow analysis
Transformation & integration

Transformation & integration

  • Data security governance in unstructured environment
  • Data security governance for Azure
  • Database security (Database encryption masking, tokenization)
  • Data protection for cloud
  • Data leakage protection
  • Unstructured data protection
  • User acceptance & roll out
  • Enterprise key management, HSM
  • Database monitoring
  • Implementation of controls
Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Data security incident management
  • Data security solution management
  • Audit and assurance
  • Performance management
  • Technology lifecycle maintenance and support
  • Incident and operations management
  • Data security vulnerability and risk assessments


HCLTech’s data security and data privacy solutions act as a regulator and central orchestrator to help enterprises control all aspects of security and privacy, including current data security assessments, vulnerability identification, and real-time security gap mediation, while also ensuring an enterprise is compliant with privacy policies and regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, SHIELD Act, etc.

Powered by HCLTech Dynamic Cybersecurity framework, the data security governance model caters to the following solutions:

  • Data discovery, classification mapping, lineage - Based on the compliance or risk driver, perform the discovery of sensitive business data across the enterprise, classify it and provide roadmap for protection of classified data
  • Static & data masking - To protect the non-production environment and help comply with privacy regulations
  • Data leak prevention & rights management - Using the DLP technologies put a barrier at network and email gateway to inspect every document leaving the enterprise, also monitor and prevent misuse of information at the end points.
  • Data base activity monitoring - To monitor access to database at granular level and enforce additional access control, anomaly detection, threat detection, leak prevention etc. on database
  • Unstructured data governance - To find the ownership of the documents lying across the fileshare and enforce access governance on them
  • Encryption, key management tokenization - Tokenize using format preserving encryption the sensitive data and provide the original data only when user is authorized.

Our promise

Customers can be at peace when it comes to their security thanks to HCLTech’s unique 5D assurance model. The 5D assurance comprises of the 5 key deliveries focus that will assure a secure enterprise:

  • Delivering change at speed by improvement in early detection of high-risk behavior & reduction in volume of data policy violations requiring security intervention
  • Delivering globally and locally with 40 plus global delivery centers, state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Fusion Centers (CSFC) and other customized delivery options
  • Delivering at scale over 100+ data privacy engagements through our team of 250+ data security consultants and a large team of highly skilled, certified application security experts, specialized CoEs and innovation labs
  • Delivering excellence based on industry standards with more than 10 years of data security expedition and recognized by analysts globally for delivery excellence
  • Building deep relationships by having a holistic partnership focused on problem solving, productivity, and value and thus achieve 360° visibility and control
  • Proven capabilities in data privacy consulting, advisory, implementation, and solution architecture

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