Our iBCM consulting framework is an integrated approach methodology enabling business continuity and sustainability management. It involves every enterprise function driven by an effective BCM governance. This is achieved by proactive business continuity management, maintenance, monitoring, resolving and responding to any disruption that would adversely impact the organization.

At HCLTech, each and every service delivery supporting its respective customers across the globe has its defined:

  • Service Continuity Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan(s)

Our BCMS Service Offerings

  • HCLTech BCM policy & framework
  • Assessment services
  • BCM strategy, business continuity plan, process & procedures
  • Business continuity management

Brief approach of our service continuity management

We are currently providing managed application and infrastructure support services to various customers across the globe. We are responsible for ensuring assured and continued service delivery of the contracted services to the respective customers.

We have a well-defined approach methodology that implements service continuity management for customers. Following are the key implementation steps to achieve an effective and resilient service delivery management::

  • Information gathering and requirement assessment
  • Service delivery risk and impact analysis
  • Availability and continuity planning for the service delivery assurance
  • Implementation of the service continuity plan
iDRM Objectives
  • Integrated approach of continuous effective management of IT infrastructure recovery readiness and preparedness
  • Caters to build sustainability in the event of realizing any unplanned or unfavorable incident by ensuring service availability and recoverability of mission critical applications
  • Includes drill management & execution annually to test & validate the readiness posture

Our DRM service offering is based on the systematic dr enablement approach:

DR Strategy Consulting: Following are the key stages as part of DR consulting approach defined by HCLTech to build effective disaster recovery capabilities for its customer’s IT environment:

  • Recovery objectives
  • Tactical assessment & analysis
  • Strategize
  • Solution design

DR Solution Implementation: Our DR team captures all the information, processes and methodology in the current state of recovery management in the customer’s environment and designs and implements plans and technology recovery solution architecture design.

DR Management: Our team manages the recovery readiness and preparedness of the in-scope IT environment for possible disastrous event. This involves plans update and review, monitoring IT operational risks and risks associated with recovery planning and preparedness.