iDaaS | HCLTech


Business demands on Identity & Access Management (IAM) are changing, making it essential to adopt emergent technologies rapidly. Cloud, Mobility, Digital and IoT are redefining the traditional norms of infrastructure, applications and security around them. Subsequently, employees, partners, and consumers are leveraging new technology trends like BYOD and social media to log in and access resources. Organizations are adopting private and public cloud based hosting solutions as an alternative to on-premise applications.

HCLTech Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provides a cost effective Opex model as a substitute for building and maintaining IAM infrastructure. Our IDaaS solution eliminates hardware costs, and in many cases, the software licenses. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs required to deploy and maintain an IAM infrastructure are done away with.

With pre-built standardized processes, policies and workflows, it is possible to implement a highly scalable and flexible IAM solution efficiently. The service is provided either as a fully hosted or managed (on-premise) solution. IDaaS incorporates advanced consumer Identity & Access Management (IAM) functionality and a service layer simplifying day-to-day management.

Key Attributes: 

  • Provides end-to-end identity services for the following areas, tailored to specific requirements:
    • Identity life cycle management 
    •  Identity/access governance and certification
    •  Web access management
    •  Strong authentication 
    •  Privileged account management
  • Enforce policies consistently across entire organization and in virtual and Cloud environments
  • Enhance authentication based on risk profiles
  • Industry standard SLAs based support
  • Compliance with data privacy laws

Differentiators & Value Propositions

  • Provision and de-provision users quickly and cost-effectively in cloud as well
  • Opex pricing model requiring no capital investment
  • Better scalability, quickly scales to accommodate thousands new users without investing into new IT infrastructure
  • 30% - 40% faster implementation / user & application onboarding timelines