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In the dynamic technology landscape, organizations must take a proactive stance for the safeguarding of resources. Today’s scenario requires enterprises to protect information as well as prevent the cause of data breaches. The high degree of sophistication of APTs or zero day attacks renders ineffective traditional network defense systems (firewalls, IDS/IPS or SIEM). It’s imperative that businesses adopt a layered approach to tackle attacks on network through advanced threat protection solutions. A multi-faceted prevention strategy combining proactive protection, which eliminates threats before they reach users, and state-of-the-art CPU-level exploit detection, which detects highly camouflaged threats is required. Automation and machine learning are also crucial as there are several user cases where human intervention has failed to detect anomalies. Organizations must therefore, adopt a holistic defense strategy with a strong cyber security framework at its core. At HCLTech, we firmly believe that IT security services must be constantly reviewed and upgraded so that they stay relevant. Our end-to-end IT infrastructure security solutions predict and prevent new threats without disrupting the core business.

HCLTech has over two decades of experience in the cyber security services space. In addition to mitigating threats and ensuring data integrity, our solutions imparts agility to the enterprise. HCLTech Cyber Security GRC services portfolio integrates business context intelligence, threat data, and cyber security insights. This is achieved with the support of a team of specialized researchers, highly skilled consultants, and certified security experts that empowers enterprises to anticipate cyber-attacks, respond to threats, recover faster from a security incident and improve overall security posture.

HCLTech offers a full spectrum of solutions for an enterprise wide security value chain, comprising governance risk compliance, security assurance assessment, managed security, identity access management, and transformation system integration, These IT security services encompass diversified security products, technology, and service requirements across industries.