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HCLTech has always strived to deliver new-age solutions and cutting-edge technologies to global enterprises, service providers, IT companies, and datacenter hosting organizations. It is with the same zeal that HCLTech has spun innovation and technological know-how into its network virtualization services as well. Initiating virtualization of LAN and WAN helps bring in higher ROI and cut ownership costs to create secure, scalable, and available networks. A centralized monitoring and management approach helps when a physical network is shared by several business units in a secured environment. Such an approach supports easy operation and administration. Both LAN AND WAN Virtualization come with their own set of features.

LAN is equipped with access control to identify and accordingly classify the legitimate users and devices. Also, it comes with Path isolation to map the validated users or devices to the appropriate resources. VLANS, VRF Lite, and GRE are some of the tools used.

WAN Virtualization features WAN Accelerators, which optimize WAN link utilization and speed up the application response time. The Global Load Balancers enable intelligent traffic management and provide fallback provisions. There are VRF Aware Protocols that assist with WAN management and help overcome the re-usage limit of IP address. WAN virtualization provides an enhanced security coverage and assists with the implementation of VRF based solutions. Services like GRE, MPLS, and MGRE help direct the traffic and allow the sharing of bandwidth by various business units.

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