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What are product support services and how are they impacting infrastructure management?

High customer churn, rising customer expectations, rapidly changing technology, and high costs of operations are some of the challenges organizations across the world are facing. Consequentially, companies have turned their attention to improving and innovating their support processes for customer acquisition, service, and retention. Faced with rapidly changing customer demands, competitive pricing, differentiated services, and a high level of service, equipment manufacturers (EMs)/independent software vendors (ISVs) are focusing on driving innovation, reducing technical support costs, improving user experience, and delivering SLA-led services.

HCLTech enables clients to stay ahead of the curve through cutting-edge product support services and resolve problems quickly, resulting in improved service levels and higher customer satisfaction. We have the resources and relevant experiences required to help EMs/ISVs achieve their operational cost and business goals. HCLTech offers Global Deployment Services and Technical Support Services to EMs/ISVs. HCLTech’s Global Deployment Services encompass professional services, project management, deployment, and centralized remote integration. Our technical assistance center comprises help desk, RMA, escalated support, and HTTS.

With HCLTech’s solution, organizations can expect a positive impact on customer proximity and reach, operational excellence, talent ecosystem, speed to react in the market, CSAT, and bottom line. HCLTech’s global delivery centers in APAC, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America provide reach, customer proximity, and address language requirements. Our Management Tools as a Service (MTaaS™) automates and enables the processes required to deliver efficient and effective services.

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