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The hypercompetitive environment and outcome-based adoption of transformation are changing the way enterprises implement network functions and capabilities. Experience-based, virtual and are setting up the network to become high-performing, more sophisticated, and self-aware. The need for automation along with the multi-cloud spread of workload dynamics, DevOps, and zero-trust security is now redefining techno-commercial and hybrid orientation of (SD).

Sensus is HCLTech's SD framework that covers end-to-end data center network transformation through automated policy enforcement, intelligent abstraction, and hybrid interconnects across a multi-cloud and on-premise environment.

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Journey with Sensus

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2 Simplified
3 More Programmable

Legacy data center network

  • 3-Tier Architecture
  • Manual Provisioning and Change
  • Ineffective Resource Utilization
  • Vendor Lock-in

Software defined on-premise data center

  • SDN Overlay - Automated Policy Enforcement & Virtualization
  • Centralized Management and Control
  • Micro segmentation
  • Vendor Agnostic

Hybrid cloud network environment

  • Hybrid Interconnects
  • Application Mobility and Workload Portability
  • Extend Network and Security Policies to Cloud
  • Real Time Topology Mapping and Analytics

End to end service orchestration

  • Federation of Controllers across sites
  • Orchestration of Networks with Systems and Storage
  • Model-driven Service Insight and Lifecycle Management


Network Devops

Network Devops

Build, Test and Release

NETOPS Governance

NETOPS Governance

Automatic and Control

Business Agility

Business Agility

Speed, Scale and Flexibility

Sensus Solution Levers

Open Vendor ecosystem

An open API-based agile framework that allows seamless integration with third-party tools, providing a platform and vendor agnostic end-to-end SDN environment.

Centralized Policy Enforcement & Control

Sensus provides a universal controller for unified management and orchestration of different sites and controllers. It offers a single plane of glass to enforce consistent inter-site network and security policies across on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Intelligent Monitoring & Analytics

Sensus offers unified visibility and analytics capabilities to provide accurate real-time insights into the multi-cloud data center environment. This results in faster troubleshooting, cost-effective migration of applications, and improved operational efficiency and security.

Real Time Topology Mapping & Discovery

Sensus provides accurate real-time insight into application flow behavior with the underlying network components through dynamic topology maps. It offers the correct dynamic map for any task or problem area in seconds where one can visualize infinite detail for quick troubleshooting.

Multi-Cloud Network Model

Sensus framework offers hybrid interconnect, facilitating application mobility and hybrid network consolidation. It provides network liquidity to support workload portability in a multi-cloud ecosystem with zero downtime

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Sensus framework offers NFV which performs intelligent abstraction and transforms the network functions into software and treats the underlay as the backplane of moving packets. This allows the organization to add or delete application and service capacity on demand and simplify the planning and scaling of the network.

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