Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Assessment | HCL | HCLTech


HCLTech’s Service Integration and Management (SIAM) assessment framework is built to help customers identify existing gaps in their supplier landscape and shape an appropriate restructuring roadmap for successful SIAM implementation.

The assessment enables our customers to:

  • Run a baseline assessment of the supplier landscape
  • Analyse existing tools, processes, and methods for measuring governance and performance
  • Examine the customer’s organizational structure, service architecture, and operating models
  • Identify the scope for:
    • Hard savings (dollars, staff optimization)
    • Soft savings (efficiency, effectiveness)
    • Governance and compliance improvements 

This provides our customers with an end-to-end view of the essential elements required for the successful implementation of a customized SIAM model. The assessment also provides insights on integrating the supplier ecosystem into a single, coordinated entity.

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