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The new wave in automation

In today's competitive landscape, a future-proof enterprise strategy that leverages digital technologies is crucial for success.

At HCLTech, our cognitive automation solutions and services suite offers significant potential for leaders to achieve cost efficiencies, accelerate delivery speed, scale up operations, and establish new operating models based on human-machine collaboration.


The new wave in automation

Driving efficiency with our industry-leading automation solutions

Our solution portfolio helps businesses realize their true potential and uncover value at every step of their transformation journey

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

HCLTech partners with leading automation providers for RPA to shorten time-to-market, enhance service delivery, reduce Y-O-Y costs, minimize manual intervention, and drive predictability to alleviate significant business challenges that organizations face.


A domain-intensive, role-based, single-UI platform that focuses on elevating the role of the human workforce and transforming the way transactions are processed across business operations.


Harnesses the latest innovations in AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques to interpret, extract and read both structured and unstructured text information


A Business Process Suite provides a platform for business stakeholders to drive enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

iMPACT Analytics

HCLTech iMPACT analytics framework has been built to seamlessly streamline digital operations across the traditional front, middle and back-office setup in enterprises


Accelerate success with our services

Our range of services empower clients with cutting-edge competencies to become future-forward enterprises

Advisory Services

Our advisory team works with enterprises to assess, capture and reimagine processes. We also offer Consulting Services and provide recommendations to improve straight-through Processing

Implementation Services

Our implementation model delivers with quality, utilizing our product and domain expertise to create detailed architectures and build design prototypes to bolster outcomes. With our platform approach, we speed up automation, optimize delivery, improve experience through hyper care and improve repeatability and scalability

Managed Services

Through fully managed outsourced automation services, we provide flexibility in managing and scaling process innovation, undertaking automation license consolidation, demand forecasting and technical advisory initiatives

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