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Energy and Utilities (E&U)


What keeps you up at night?

Whether you are an IT professional or a business leader, understanding the opportunities available with the Cloud for hosting, software and support lead to tremendous value when applied to your organization’s CIS. Nevertheless, utilities often adopt the wait and watch approach to ascertain whether a new technology or product has reached an acceptable level of maturity before considering it. Utilities spend an average 2.8% of their revenue on IT and an annual average of $18K of IT support per employee. This expenditure is vested in mission critical hardware that the business relies on for high-availability, but no matter how great the investment, hardware can and does fail. With the optimum CAPEX/OPEX model it’s actually a win-win scenario for both the Utility and the Utility Commission.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • Comprehensive industry experience: HCL offers energy consulting services to over 60 electric, gas, and water utilities around the globe, three of the largest energy companies in North America, two of the largest multiservice municipalities, and well over 20 million retail energy customers are supported through HCL. Our comprehensive energy management solutions help utility companies serve their customers more effectively.
  • Operational Excellence: Energy and Utility (E&U) companies will find a dependable and reliable BPO service partner in HCL, to help improve their operational effectiveness. We allow these businesses to achieve their objectives through process improvement, labour arbitrage and technology innovation. Our BPO division commenced operations in 2001 with customer contact centre services. It has grown to serve 30 clients in front office, billing, collections, account management, remittance processing, sales, workforce and order management. We provide services in over 8 global languages with a network of more than 10,000 professionals in 31 countries across the globe enabling round the clock support.
  • Infrastructure Hosting Provider​:  We understand the challenges that organizations face when adopting new technologies, and that’s why we provide Cloud consulting services to help customers evaluate the Cloud as part of their overall IT service. We recommend a delivery strategy; and determine the CAPEX/OPEX ratios, ROI, the target operating model, people, process and technology for using Cloud. Through a network of 1800 HCL security professionals we work with clients to ensure that their security and data compliance standards are stringently met. As a platinum partner of the Cloud Security Alliance and a working group member in the Cloud Computing Panel at the World Economic Forum, HCL helps provide an unbiased assessment and defines a strategic and business-oriented Cloud adoption strategy for customers.    
  • Valuable Partnerships: HCL has established partnerships with some of the best names in the industry including Microsoft, Amazon, HP, VMware, EMC, and Cisco, amongst others, to provide over 140 clients with hosting services supported by 7000 data center experts. We are one of the largest SAP Global Partners and a major partner for Oracle, globally.     

How can HCL help you?

HCL’s integrated service-delivery model is truly one of the most comprehensive offerings in the industry, covering enterprise applications (around SAP and Oracle), customer service and billing, enterprise asset management, human capital management, finance and ERP, and business analytics. HCL also has industry innovations for prepay services, predictive analytics, and back-office optimizations, and combines services such as infrastructure, application management, and business process outsourcing. We are the only services firm that can implement, support, operate, and innovate your end-to-end footprint and offer energy consulting services.

We provide a wide range of innovative solutions for E&U companies:

  • Engage : HCL’s Engage Platform for Utilitiesis a pre-architected omni-channel customer experience and billing transformation offering.  Engage leverages production-proven gold-standard utility processes and operating practices that guarantee operational benefits and outcomes.  Engage customers can choose which Engage components they deploy, and how they are provisioned, operated and supported to balance the desired cost, risk, and control objectives. Read more
  • Rapid Deployment Toolkit for Utilities: A pioneer in the use of pre-configured solutions in the energy and utilities business, HCL has developed a rapid deployment toolkit by combining the best SAP practices and a deep understanding of the industry's business processes with implementation lessons-learned. This toolkit provides a flexible platform to jump-start a company's SAP implementations and integrate core business and back-office functions. Read more
  • Benefits Led Energy & Utilities Solutions: HCL delivers best practice energy and utilities solutions to support all aspects of business operations, using benefits to measure outcomes and performance. Specific capabilities of relevance to the industry include: energy management services and software solutions, customer relationship and billing, customer financials management, customer relationship management, enterprise asset management, supply chain management, and human capital management.  Read more

Contact us to set up a conversation with HCL.

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ENGAGE – Meet the Future
ENGAGE – Meet the Future
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.