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Retail and Corporate Banking


In a changing global environment, regulatory compliance is of prime importance.

As retail banking firms chase superior returns on investment (ROI), these perfectly balanced degrees of control will only streamline security, accuracy, and reliability for existing retail banking systems. What’s important for retail & corporate banking solutions providers, then, is to locate a doorway between the maze of reform and a layered, organized approach.

We believe profitability comes with a purpose: a resilient retail banking system for growth and integrity. And the key to this visionary transformation is cutting-edge retail financial services, making retail banking simple, secure, and modern.

What makes ‘next-gen’ retail banking solutions the new normal?

HCL believes in retail banking solutions that are engines of growth. We with partner SAP, Misys, Fundtech, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle to drive performance and rearticulate profitability for our diverse retail banking client base. These unique partnership models ensure sustenance, innovation, and growth for our retail & corporate banking customers.

Some of our key achievements in the retail/financial services sector include:

  • $2 billion in savings delivered to one of HCL’s marquee FS customers
  • 48.9% operational savings for a F50 investment bank
  • 40% (Run the Business) RTB savings from 2009 to 2012 for a large European bank
  • Application-based pricing model implemented on a large scale for a leading Australian financial institution resulting in 45% savings in overall total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Successfully set up a “Digital Listening Office” to create a customer sentiment directory for a leading financial institution in the U.S.
  • Joint IP ownership model with a leading U.S. financial institution, leading to the development of 140 ideas worth over $30 million


credit and debit cards
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Cash Management

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Commercial and corporate lending
Commercial and Corporate Lending

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Consumer Lending
Consumer Lending

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Core Banking

HCL’s core banking solutions cover the entire gamut of functionalities, from customer views to niche zones such as funds transfer.Read More

Risk Management
Risk Management & Banking Integration

HCL’s banking solutions are geared for enhanced visibility and augmented control, preempting operational risks and fraudulent transactions.Read More

Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting and Software Applications

HCL provides an array of solutions for financial software applications across the entire trade finance value chain.Read More

Treasury Management
Treasury Management Software & Solutions

HCL has proven capabilities in developing treasury management application suites and providing technical support for multiple asset class management.Read More

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Our partnerships bring the relevant technology, industry and domain knowledge together, with tested products, presenting a complete solution for our customers. Working together with our partners, HCL augments and supports all solution and technology requirements, ensuring delivery of the best results.