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Business Process Services


Traditionally, healthcare organizations, including providers and payers, outsource non-clinical functions, concentrating focus on core operations.

The scenario is currently, at a tipping point. Healthcare organizations are beginning to explore outsourcing clinical functions, either partially or fully. Digital Process Operations with its digital services and solutions is reimagining the role of technology from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of digital innovation and business performance, allowing firms to improve operational efficiencies through an integrated process-first technology-led digital operations approach, achieve scalability, and automate care management, while enhancing clinical decision making.

We believe that in the future, operations services will involve platforms enabling organizations to build applications that are scalable and compatible with existing IT systems.

Healthcare is a unique vertical and platforms deployed in others, such as financial services, may prove ineffective. The need of the hour is a combination of platform engineering expertise and strong understanding of healthcare specific needs to support reforms and regulatory mandates.

For instance, we designed, built, and operated a cloud-based primary source verification (PSV) platform for a US-based leading healthcare alliance. This involved development of end-to-end architecture, implementation, testing, and roll out of the platform.

We leveraged the existing Microsoft stack of technologies used by the customer, critical for a technology-agnostic growth partner.

In another instance, HCL developed an end-to-end platform for a leading dental care provider in the US to implement prospect to enrollee (P2E) for all business-lines and self-service capabilities for claims management.