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Future-ready Biopharma Solutions

Biopharma: The Future of Health

New drugs. New pressures. New paradigms.

The pressures on biopharmaceutical companies to deliver on clinical outcomes while managing costs and regulations have never been greater.

How do you balance R&D investments while operating at lower margins?

How do you achieve transformational health outcomes against the backdrop of regulatory scrutiny and regulation?

Accelerate your organization's digital transformation journey and unlock greater value and ROI in today's rapidly evolving landscape with solutions from HCLTech.


Solutions for the Biopharmaceutical Industry

With a focus on patient-centered pharma R&D, HCLTech empowers enterprises with biopharma-specific solutions that unlock the power of innovation.

Confidently evolve with changing regulatory standards

When agencies such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and American Medical Association (AMA) provide a phased plan for defining and implementing standards, life sciences CIOs and business leaders need a flexible system that can evolve to meet the standards as they get released.

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Confidently evolve with changing regulatory standards

Our IDMP-360 platform provides a flexible and configurable platform approach to meet the evolving IDMP standards, developed on the industry-leading Appian platform.

Key features of our IDMP-360 Platform include:

  • Fully compliant cloud-based custom configurability
  • Enable data, processes, people and change management for IDMP
  • Flexibility for management of evolving IDMP standards through robust Master Data Management
  • Versatile data integration, aggregation and data curation
  • Get 360-degree visibility of data and records
  • Provide meaningful insights for decision makers
  • Complete data lineage to address compliance and traceability
  • Lower compliance management efforts
  • Role-based user experience
  • Extend the benefits to other stakeholders from research to supply chain, through extensible UI

Improve pharmacovigilance with AI

Pharmacovigilance has been a labor-intensive case processing-based industry.

Radically alter the pharmacovigilance landscape, leading to better identification, reporting and resolution of adverse events leading to lower costs for pharma companies and healthier patients.

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Improve pharmacovigilance with AI

An average drug costs over $1B to bring to fruition from discovery through development and launch phases. These expensive "blockbusters" face even riskier futures in the event of regulatory drug withdrawal decisions/recalls.

Optimize clinical data collection and reporting

Optimize data collection via eSource enabling tablet-based direct data capture and electronic health record (EHR) integration with a fully consolidated clinical trial workflow.

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Optimize clinical data collection and reporting

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandates direct use of eSource for clinical research in regulatory submissions.

With eSource, we focus on electronic data capture (EDC) efficiency, reducing data queries and monitoring time. With resources being stretched every year, optimizing eSource to achieve clean trial data is now essential for success.

Benefits include

  • Improving the employee experience for clinical personnel and investigators with minimal discrepancy management, reduced SDV, improved overall data quality and near real-time data access for analysis and reporting
  • Boosting patient engagement via eVisits and collaboration portals, ensuring high retention rates and low attrition

End-to-end data standards management

Most clinical data standards management solutions currently available are either suboptimal or lack end-to-end integration.

Our enterprise medical device regulation (MDR) approach covers every stage, from protocol to submission, with built-in traceability.

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End-to-end data standards management

Business challenges stemming from conforming to the FDA’s CDISC standards often result in delays in study design as well as in data acquisition for meaningful analysis and reporting.

The entire process is protracted, while 360-degree process workflows and collaboration tools are often absent. This extends study setup and execution timelines, significantly raising costs and resulting in unmet business needs for pharma and CROs.

Our solution is a comprehensive standards management suite for clinical data covering every stage from protocol to submission with built-in traceability. We embrace a metadata-led model in order to successfully fine-tune protocol design, study setup, data collection, analysis and creation of submission-ready deliverables.

Services and solutions:

  • Astute protocol design: Including only those procedures required to extract clinical outcomes relevant to a trial’s statistical and clinical analysis.
  • MDR and analytics-driven approach: Reducing amendments, data transformation and submission to improve overall quality, efficiency, cycle time and costs.
  • Reinforced compliance: Operations aligned to sponsor and regulatory requirements.

One-stop solution for CDISC data transformation

Most clinical data conversion tools cannot quickly accommodate the requirements of the FDA's CDISC norms.

Transform data from multiple sources, aligned to industry or proprietary targets inspired by the CDISC.

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One-stop solution for CDISC data transformation

Data-Integration-as-a-Service (DIaaS) is a blend of product-specific features and the experience gathered from 500+ studies. It is the ideal solution to help transform clinical study standards and generate submission-ready deliverables.

DIaaS is CDISC-registered and supports all established standards, including: ODM, CDASH, STM, ADaM and BRIDG.

DIaaS has four key components:

  • MDR — Comprehensive metadata repository with a built-in library of corporate, therapeutic and study-specific standards. It provides lifecycle management of metadata, versioning and up-versioning which allows building the knowledge base over time.
  • DSP — Data standards platform that provides a visual graphical user interface (GUI) to map source-to-target standards with minimal programming required. It also includes auto-mapping and transformation based on MDR library and auto-creation of submission packages (SDTM annotated CRFs, Define.XML and SAS code, among others).
  • CDMS — Clinical discrepancy management systems with data validation libraries containing edit checks for discrepancy management. It ensures comprehensive validation with OpenCDISC and additional custom checks.
  • EMS — Clinical event management systems that incorporate lifecycle management, event workflows and notifications with end-to-end traceability and data lineage.

Accelerate clinical development

From discovery through development and to launch, an average drug costs over $1B to bring to fruition.

Our integrated clinical platform adopts a unique model based on cutting-edge components to architect an orchestrated offering for clients.

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Accelerate clinical development

Typical pharma companies use between 7 and 25 different systems across the clinical development process flow. This causes several inefficiencies while adding to the cost of drug development.

Our solution transforms the clinical landscape with best-of-breed integrated platforms to enable the orchestration of the multiple capabilities required for efficient management of clinical trials.

  • eSource: Tablet and device-based direct data collection and integration with electronic data capture (EDC).
  • Clinical Data Standards: “One-Stop Shop” metadata-driven clinical standards management solution from protocol to submission.
  • mHealth/IOT-enabled patient engagement: Patient-centric ‘connected’ clinical trials.
  • IDMP: A flexible approach to end-to-end IDMP standards implementation.
  • Clinical Analytics: Extracting insights from data using analytics/AI/robotics.
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