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Digital & Analytics


Today, digital transformation has a profound impact on how healthcare providers maneuver business processes. Most of the digital transformation work over the last decade involved application modernization services and to an extent, modern application development. These are gradually becoming legacy use cases as organizations are swiftly moving ahead of the IT adoption curve. 21st century healthcare enterprises are focusing on nascent use cases such as customer engagement platforms, workforce productivity platforms, and business efficiency platforms. These use cases will not only offer incremental value but also transformational value to organizations in the future.

Leading analyst firm IDC, recognizes us as one of the leaders in the digital and analytics space. In a highly competitive market, our major differentiators lie in our breadth of offerings. They comprise crucial modern use cases, such as migration from custom application development to packaged applications and application instance consolidation.

We continue to revamp legacy applications for customers, and in the long run, help them move beyond mere modernization. This is possible due to our application development principles, which include cloud native, API and micro services, DevOps and analytics.