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The benefits of IoT in healthcare are well known, and the rewards significantly outweigh the risks associated with information security and privacy. Two major trends of connected healthcare include a shift from in-person encounters to a more “anytime”, “anywhere” mode of care delivery, and the proliferation of newer class of devices. However, for connected health programs to succeed, it’s critical for the industry to consider two major factors: interconnectivity offered by new-age devices and the ability to perform meaningful analysis of huge data silos.

There are challenges in the form of reimbursement and legal frameworks that are failing to keep pace with technological advancements. For instance, despite millions of mobile health applications being available, only a handful of them are certified medical grade and have the ability to connect patients to caregivers.

We have developed capabilities keeping these challenges in mind. Our offerings enable industry stakeholders to build connected health programs, resulting in the integration of disparate systems and data. We also empower healthcare IT vendors and providers to design medical grade mobile health applications as well as meet regulatory requirements consistently.