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Next Generation Research Platform


Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry is facing a steep challenge in bringing new products to market due to patent cliff combined with shrinking pipelines and longer clinical trials for new therapies. New drug discovery now takes longer than ever and it is far more expensive and carries greater risk of failure in the late stage.

These factors have led Pharma companies to look at increasing collaboration within and outside the organizations creating a necessity to share valuable research information without compromising on either agility or data security. New breed of scientists look to adopt innovative technologies to model new molecules leveraging genomic data and the research data that is meticulously captured need to be made accessible to support scientific decisions. These factors have led Research IT leaders to recognize the need to modernize and optimize current technology portfolio to support the new research paradigm with minimal disruptions to core research.

HCL's Next Generation Research Platform is a collaborative, pre-competitive ecosystem built with open standards; designed to support the new paradigm of Drug discovery with tightly integrated scientific capabilities from ‘best of breed’ technology partners.

HCL’s NGRP will enable the following:

Collaboration Reimagined: A secure collaborative platform with an ability to spin up and spin down new experiments; share experimental methods and mobile-enabled dashboards for internal and external stakeholders

Scientific data Management Reimagined: Common Data model to drive interoperability, data harmonization/synchronization and minimize time taken to extract, cleanse and standardize data.

Pre-built data analysis, visualization tools, data pipelines, visualization and charting capabilities to support scientific analysis and decision making.

Scientist Productivity Reimagined: Personalized, scientific workbench with ability to drag and drop capabilities required for an experiment. A scientific workflow authoring tool extendible to mobile devices to initiate, process and manage operational transactions including Knowledge management and training.

Technology Management Reimagined: Automated Dev Ops services to help partners onboard new services, new releases or fixes. Open, extensible APIs enabling data integration and automated synchronization between NGRP and on-premises systems; Hosted on Microsoft Azure™; ensures high reliability, scalability on demand.