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HCLTech’s pre-configured solutions and templates streamline and digitize logistics processes, enabling you to optimize shipment costs, improve customer service levels, better manage storage and movements, and provide real-time tracking and tracing of products and assets.

HCLTech Smart Logistics solutions integrate with SAP S/4HANA digital core, SAP Business Technology Platform, and IoT Smart Sensing capabilities:


Smart Warehousing

Our inclusive set of SAP EWM service offerings range from advisory to designing a responsive warehouse and enabling organizations to handle complex logistics operations. These include:

  • Consulting and advisory
  • SAP Accelerated Extended Warehouse Management Base90
  • EWM deployment packages for small, mid-size and large warehouses
  • EWM implementation, upgrades, and global rollouts
  • Proof of concepts, assessments, proof of value, and optimizations
  • Migrating from legacy/third-party WMS applications
  • Support and maintenance

Collaborative and connected logistics Base90 template

Accelerate digital supply chain transformation and modernize your transportation, warehousing, and yard processes:

  • Reduce implementation timelines with preconfigured scenarios and accelerators for SAP S/4HANA Transportation Management (TM) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Ready to deploy integration framework to connect SAP S/4HANA embedded TM, EWM, and Yard Logistics (YL) with SAP Logistics Business Network (LBN) Freight Collaboration option
  • Ready to deploy IoT APIs/web services for RFID tag integration with SAP Business Technology Platform

Digital Factory

Our Digital Factory solutions enable digital independence by integrating essential digital and business capabilities to aid in the delivery of digital products and services.

Digital Factory accelerated solutions integrate with SAP S/4HANA digital core, SAP Digital Manufacturing cloud, SAP embedded PPDS, SAP PEO, SAP ME, and SAP MII applications, utilizing SAP Business Technology Platform IoT Smart Sensing, AR/VR and are available in on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based editions.


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HCLTech’s SAP Collaborative and Connected Logistics and Smart Warehousing Base90 Template


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