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What is Automation?

Automation, as the term suggests, is the automatic execution of tasks without periodic interference. It aims to minimize and gradually do away with human intervention. A software that operates on its own and an electronic device that functions autonomously are examples of automation.

Automation simplifies hitherto complicated tasks by reducing them to a single instance. Therefore, a press of a button or a simple command will set into motion a chain of events towards a specified objective. Today, practical use cases of automation abound across industries.

Automation has the effect of making human resources available for more engaging tasks, leading to greater efficiency and improved job satisfaction. Additionally, tasks that were beyond human capabilities can be automated. Therefore, machines can be used to package peanuts, and also be programmed to obtain soil samples from Mars, depending upon the degree of automation.

Automatic devices monitor steps on their own, resulting in cost optimization and timeline management. This also facilitates identification of problems and subsequent mitigation to ensure seamless performance.

HCLTech understands that intelligent automation is inevitable in the current milieu. Our DRYiCETMAutonomics & Orchestration platform enables a host of services, including AI powered automation (autonomics), machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), deep learning, cognitive computing, etc.