Enterprise Asset Management

What is enterprise asset management?

Enterprise Asset management is the process of managing all the physical and intangible/service assets of an organisation across departments, business units, locations and facilities. Effective Enterprise Asset management helps an organisation to reduce Capital Expenditure and Operating Expenditure related to assets. Enterprise asset management has been gradually virtualized by various organisations, leading to IT enabled centralized asset management.


HCL developed an automated Rental Exchange System that integrates with the Inventory Management system and is capable of tracking the location, status, value, program and pool membership of top-level assets owned and managed by a customer division and related organizations.


Mutual Funds receive subscriptions from a large number of private investors and pool it together into a fund. By this investment method, an investor is in a position to invest in a large number of securities than otherwise be the case and therefore spreads his risk. Funds supermarket represents a market place which is quite prevalent in USA, UK and Australia for investing in mutual funds. A third party entity lists a large number of funds offered by different asset management firms, for the investors to make online subscriptions. The service provider offers a host of mutual funds for investment at prices lesser than what is quoted by the fund issuer. For this reason the service providers are also known in the market as discount brokers.