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Asset Management
What is the importance of asset management?

The asset management industry is dedicated to managing a client’s investment portfolio or holdings such as real estate. This service enables clients to build and maintain wealth. Finance professionals with experience in hedge funds, mutual funds, pension and retirement, and retail assets guide clients toward sound financial decisions. This service is usually offered to High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) for a fee.

The asset management system revolves around analyzing the past and current data, creating strategies to manage assets, and risk analysis. While working on client portfolios, the variables asset managers look at include the client’s risks, preferences, and unique circumstances.

The volume of investible assets is only set to increase in the next few years. Factors that contribute to the growth of the asset management industry include the burgeoning wealth of HNIs and the shift toward defined contribution to retirement savings. Risks and regulations are important aspects of investments and affect their management and governance.

HCLTech’s asset management services leverage integrated technology solutions to ensure effective financial asset management and adherence to regulations.