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Innovate and maintain your products

Keep up with your customers' demands for your tech products and services

Your customers are more demanding (and less forgiving) than ever.

In our ever-evolving tech landscape, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with designing, modernizing and testing your products in-house. Plus, it’s difficult to scale up and down to keep pace with market changes juxtaposed with customer demand for innovation.

HCLTech’s decades of experience in R&D and product development can help keep your products relevant in the marketplace. Our focus on product engineering, digital engineering and operational technologies gives you access to expertise across the whole value chain of engineering services.

Year after year, we are recognized by analysts as a Leader in engineering and R&D services around the world.

Keep up with customer demands for your tech products and services

Solutions from HCLTech to innovate, test and maintain your tech products

With HCLTech's solutions and services in product development, engineering and R&D, modernize and maintain your products to keep them relevant in the marketplace.

Product lifecycle services

A flexible and focused business infrastructure adept at steering business to respond to changing market requirements is critical to success.

HCLTech offers a range of support options available throughout each product's entire lifecycle, from inception to retirement.

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Product lifecycle services

Tech companies know better than any other industry the importance of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It is fundamental to any digital transformation strategy and is at the core of business to ensure digital continuity across the extended enterprise— from ideation to product launch.

HCLTech’s PLM approach utilizes a 3-level analysis focused on the adoption of a standardization lean-agile view, assessing the risk management culture and identifying automation opportunities. These categories of value stream analysis and mapping, defining risk assessment and control and potential for automation results in a prioritization heat map for solution implementation.

Green technology and sustainability solutions

Your organization likely has an increased focus on renewable energy sources and low-carbon products to help you create a sustainable value chain. HCLTech leads the way in offering end-to-end sustainability solutions for our clients.

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Green technology and sustainability solutions

Tech companies around the world are moving towards green technology and sustainable solutions. The increased focus on renewable energy sources and low-carbon products is creating a sustainable value-chain.

HCLTech has led the way in offering end-to-end sustainability solutions such as designing sustainable packaging for OEM and Consumer Electronics. In addition, our sustainable product design and engineering leverages digital twin, extended reality (XR), and simulations to reduce material waste and carbon emission during the design phase.

  • Design for Sustainability (DFS) framework
  • Net zero intelligent operations

Software product testing

As a tech company, you know your customers continue to raise the bar on product quality. Keep pace with the fast-moving market by focusing on core development activities while HCLTech improves your time-to-market with the latest testing frameworks.

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Software product testing

Accelerate your tech product development by leveraging the latest technologies, automation and providing immersive customer experiences.

HCLTech helps clients ensure product quality by introducing variability in your testing capacity, allowing you to maintain a high level of quality based on changing needs.

HCLTech offers full testing life cycle services from strategy to automation and full-scale deployment enabling complete end-to-end testing.


Verification & Validation (V&V) provides end-to-end product testing services leveraging industry-leading technologies such as AI/ML in different stages of the testing lifecycle, bringing in intelligence while reducing the human touchpoints and enabling remote work. V&V reduces overall testing time and effort, thus optimizing cost while helping achieve faster go-to-market.

Software re-engineering

Innovation is key for tech companies to stay competitive. However, you can’t always leave behind older tech products – especially if those products have a large, loyal fanbase. HCLTech specializes in recognizing outdated technology and platforms and re-engineering them to meet changing market needs.

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Software re-engineering

HCLTech has a deep understanding of market needs and uses this knowledge to customize products accordingly. In addition to market needs, we use next-gen technologies for better product customization while considering time-to-market.

Our team of engineers are able to scale up and down based on your needs in order to manage the full product lifecycle.


Shorter semiconductor chip design cycles and lower design costs have always been in high demand. As newer tools and methodologies emerge, expectations of smarter, better and faster design only increase.

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Simplify your semiconductor design-to-cloud journey with HCLTech.

Our holistic approach involves 5 steps: consult, leverage, build, deploy and migrate. Our expertise and offerings, backed with our innovation labs, frameworks and accelerators, can help enterprises simplify their semiconductor design to cloud journey.

By migrating workloads to the cloud and adding elastic cloud resources, we are helping companies augment on premise Electronic Design Automation (EDA) processes and/or create hybrid or pure cloud EDA infrastructures.


Consulting Services: including migration and readiness assessment, design consultation, platforms and technology selection, EDA workloads architecture blueprint and an operating model strategy

Build and transformation services: comprising of EDA workload modernization, performance engineering, security and vulnerability testing and data migration guidance

Operations Management: including 24x7 infrastructure and application monitoring, AIOps, release and incident management, capacity management focused on sale and fault tolerance

Case Studies

Product engineering case studies for tech companies

Learn how HCLTech helps technology companies innovate, test and maintain their products.

Why HCLTech to Innovate, Test
and Maintain Your Products?

HCLTech’s Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) span the entire spectrum of digital engineering solutions across new product development, network engineering, collaboration services, software product engineering, data engineering, connected experiences and platform-as-a-service.

Our global network of engineering labs and our catalog of frameworks and accelerators have resulted in Leader positions from analysts and the designation of the #1 engineering services provider from Everest Group’s 2022 Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year™.

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Software and ISV companies work with us across the world, including North America, Europe and Japan


Engineering labs around the world accelerating time-to-market


Patents driving innovation for clients