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HCLTech-actian partnership

Analytics can be a critical business differentiator for organizations. Effective analytics help companies proactively anticipate customer needs, personalize products and services, deliver relevant offerings, mitigate risks, and optimize operational efficiency. Actian is a leader in empowering organizations to harness data with products like Actian Avalanche, Actian Vector and Actian X to generate new business insights.

In a strategic move, HCLTech and Sumeru Equity Partners (SEP) have joined hands to acquire Actian. This acquisition adds critical intellectual property (IP) to HCLTech’s capabilities and enables HCLTech to execute digital transformation initiatives for global clients. Actian will play an important role in enhancing HCLTech’s Mode 3 offerings in data management platforms and products.

Actian addresses the challenges posed by the volume, variety, and velocity of data by delivering technology in the following areas:

  • cloud migration of business analytics transitioning from on-premises to cloud data warehousing or a hybrid of both
  • hybrid data management for use cases like operational data warehouse, OLAP, and data lake analytics
  • hybrid data integration for cloud-based and hybrid integration (iPaaS) as well as traditional ETL use cases
  • hybrid data management for OLTP, embedded DB, and NoSQL applications

Actian’s flagship data analytics product, Vector, delivers enterprise-grade and open analytics to customers such as eBay. It is the world’s fastest database for advanced analytics, executing SQL queries 10 – 1000x faster than alternatives. Vector unleashes the power of commodity CPUs with the groundbreaking X100 query engine leveraging vector-based processing and in-chip memory, and provides patented zero-penalty updates to incorporate operational data into the analytic workflow.

Actian’s products complement HCLTech’s solutions such as Cloud Native, Digital and Analytics, and DRYiCETM and help companies harness the power of hybrid data.

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