In the age of digital transformation, organizations must create value while lowering costs to remain competitive.  Blue Prism® deploys Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide an alternative sourcing option to human labor and outsourcing. Our ‘digital workforce’ seamlessly integrates with existing systems and applications just like human beings, freeing employees from repetitive work to focus on higher-value contributions.

  • Over 15 years of development for large enterprises 
  • Used by 200+ enterprises including the world’s most secured banks 
  • 100% customer renewals driven by our Trusted Advisor Program and Partner Ecosystem with Blue Prism® 
  • Delivering the world’s most successful Digital Workforce

HCL has partnered with Blue Prism® to enable the complete transformation of business processes through robotic process automation (RPA), making them lean and agile. Proven benefits including cost optimization, operational efficiency, risk reduction, and greater compliance have been delivered to customers through the partnership.