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HCLTech- bobble at partnership

HCLTech believes that digital transformation in the financial services goes beyond offering the retail consumers a web or mobile banking solution. Driving revenue, based on the real-time intent is the key driver for increasing consumer reach and building consumer engagement. Consumer Engagement, one of the key and yet a less focussed mandates is driven by Experiential factors and personalization.

With this vision in mind, the strategic alliance between HCLTech and Bobble AI was initiated in 2020 with a clear focus on expanding the Bobble AI "Consumer Engagement Solutions" for Banking & Financial Services by leveraging plug-n-play White-label Keyboard SDK.

This translated into developing a joint go-to-market strategy by offering customized solutions to financial services providers a flexible engagement model. HCLTech partnered with Bobble AI's solutions to offer Banking & Financial Services customers an unparalleled value with a unique low-risk implementation approach.

HCLTech collaborated with Bobble AI in three key areas:

  • Positioning the partner bank as the bank of choice:

    Increased Usage & Reduced Friction: Make banking services accessible across all the interactive apps that are being used in the consumer smartphone. Thus contributing to the higher usage of the banking services and reducing friction.

    Increased Wallet Share: Up-sell/Cross-sell, banking products & services based on the consumer intent and help is portfolio/wealth management.

  • Make Banking Joyful:

    Creating Ecosystem Partnerships: Develop meaningful relationships with ecosystem enterprise partners and drive transactions, thus leading to an increased number of transactions and higher ARPU.

    Driving Acquisition: Increase digital penetration per consumer per device, thus leading to the accelerated digital acquisition of consumers.

    Engagement: Develop a wide range of contextual community based social content that appeals to your consumers.

  • Become a data-driven company:

    Bobble AI is committed in building data-driven models , collected based on consumer usage patterns. This helps to strengthen banks’ data infrastructure and build a robust data governance framework.

HCLTech works closely with Bobble AI on consumer engagements. Our partnership enables our esteemed enterprise Banking & Financial Services customers to understand, engage, and retain their retail consumers. Thus leading to an increase in their consumer engagement, making banking more accessible & conversational brand loyalty.

HCLTech- BOBBLE AI Partnership

HCLTech and Bobble AI have the vision to take financial services to the next level

The solution, which is deployed remotely, helps the partner banks to develop a 360 degree understanding of their consumers based on their smartphone behavior and usage. With a better understanding of their consumers and their usage pattern, they will be equipped with a far better communication & acquisition strategy, for cross-selling its wide range of products and services.


Financial Services & Banking Solutions
  • Send & receive money
  • Pay Utility bills
  • Upsale/Cross sale your products and services
  • Increase your share of wallet
  • Bring your customers up the value chain
  • Increase retention
  • Enhance Customer Life Cycle Value