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Hcl-cohesity partnership

Cohesity ushers in a new era of data management that solves a critical challenge faced by businesses today: mass data fragmentation. The vast majority of enterprise data backups, archives, file shares, object stores, data used for dev/test & analytics settles in fragmented infrastructure silos. This methodology makes it hard to protect, expensive to manage, and difficult to analyze. Cohesity consolidates silos onto one web-scale platform, spanning on-premises, cloud, and the edge. This technique uniquely empowers organizations to run apps on that platform — making it easier than ever to backup/restore, perform disaster recovery & extract insights from data residing on the platform.

HCLTech has partnered with Cohesity to leverage their next-gen data management platform & address the challenge of mass data fragmentation. With its web-scale architecture; Cohesity not only addresses backup and NAS challenges with a single unified solution that eliminates multiple point products but also provides:

  • Unified Management across core, edge and cloud
  • Cyber-Resilience – In-built security features for Ransomware protection
  • Multi-Tenancy and Out of the Box Integrations with CSPs & majority of Compute, Storage, Tools vendors
  •  Data Analytics – To derive meaningful information from non-latency sensitive data
  • Better TCO / ROI

HCLTech has created a POV with Cohesity and established a lab for workflow testing and customer use cases. Cohesity is also part of HCLTech offerings like Infonomics, U4X , and VelocITy to ensure its value realization in different consumption models. HCLTech has also invested in a pool of Cohesity trained resources through various partner programs that ensures availability of skills as and when required by customers.