HCL and Dynatrace Partnership | HCLTech


HCLTech deploys Dynatrace’s digital performance management technologies to enhance its state-of-the-art DRYiCE platform. This helps deliver world-class user experiences as well as application and infrastructure monitoring to a wide range of HCLTech customers, from digital natives to traditional firms transforming into digital enterprises. HCLTech’s digitalization strategy orchestrates a unified experience across the user ecosystem for enhanced agility, growth, and profitability. Dynatrace empowers HCLTech to facilitate best-in-class application performance and achieve the following:

  • Modernize operations: Dynatrace is leveraged as part of HCLTech ElasticOps offering for next-gen applications and digital engagements running on high-performance, hyper scale infrastructure environments. Dynatrace provides automated full stack visibility across billions of applications and environment dependencies, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data in real time.
  • Optimize the customer experience: HCLTech adopts Dynatrace to connect the dots between customer experience, application performance, and business outcomes. By monitoring each user journey and business transaction, assured decisions can be taken based on intelligent analytics.
  • Accelerate Innovation: HCLTech uses Dynatrace to help organizations achieve adoption maturity from CI to CD, and finally to Enterprise Cloud native. By accelerating time to market via automation and improving quality through immediate feedback loops at each stage of the delivery pipeline, organizations can release faster and at a higher frequency. This will help companies nimbly adapt to dynamic business environments.