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DXC Technology


HCL and DXC’s strategic partnership combines the extended ecosystems of both partners to help customers with large IT infrastructure and application portfolios modernize their legacy environments. Leveraging industry’s most unique tools and solutions like DRYiCE and ALTASM, this partnership is helping optimize & automate the customers’ environment significantly.

This partnership will leverage HCL’s leadership in Engineering and R&D services to offer its customers a new and distinct line of solutions.

A history of successful partnership

HCL and CSC started collaborating on specific projects including application modernization starting in 2013. This later evolved into a strategic partnership in 2014, and created a world-class AMDN team (Application Modernization Delivery Network ) that enabled enterprises to shift from legacy technologies to a cloud-enabled platform. AMDN enables enterprises to ‘reinvent their core”. The partnership also helped customers in the insurance industry leverage their platforms better by providing resources and legacy modernization capabilities in the areas of digitalization and problem management.

Subsequently, HCL and CSC came together to form an IP Partnership called “CeleritiFinTech” (CFT). This entity combined CSC’s world-class banking software and HCL’s expertise in product engineering and application implementation. CeleritiFinTech adopts a pragmatic approach to modernization, and focuses on delivering differentiated customer experiences, product innovation and digital and cloud-based technology transformation, while utilizing analytics and big data, achieving regulatory compliance, and driving cost reduction.

The partnership has helped drive 30% reduction in legacy and maintenance costs and delivered the fastest returns on transformation investments by over 40%.

HCL value proposition 

HCL strategy for growth, based on our “Mode 1-2-3” approach, addresses the three key disruptors of modern businesses – Automation, Cloud and Digitalization to help organizations achieve:

  • Over 30% reduction in maintenance of legacy applications using HCL’s DRYiCE automation framework
  • Significant ROI on transformation investments by leveraging the partner ecosystem spanning across technology providers and FinTech partners
  • Business transformation through modularized application architecture, ready to interface with external APIs for functionality enhancement
  • Access to best in class global delivery infrastructure


  • Managing large application portfolio, optimizing application landscape, and moving them to the Cloud
  • Transitioning large complex programs
  • Reducing cost and complexity


  • Enabling IT asset light application footprint
  • Facilitating a seamless shift to Cloud infrastructure
  • Ensuring service delivery industrialization
  • Leveraging a knowledge repository & legacy know-how of recurring activities and other best practices


  • Actioning a robust tool-based Re-engineering solution
  • Unraveling and deconstructing complex legacy monolith platforms
  • Combining ease of API enablement, API management, and value-added business service enablement of legacy systems for new age FinTech extensions


  • Deploying over 12 innovation labs across the globe
  • Collaborating with multiple FinTech partners
  • Using a ‘Modular’ approach to digital transformation
  • Leveraging Design Thinking principles to revitalize user experience for employees and customers
  • Infusing Data & Analytics for ‘intelligent apps’
  • Introducing DRYiCE – A comprehensive Autonomics & Orchestration platform that enables enterprises to focus on experience and orchestration, helping them evolve into 21st Century Enterprises