Business Alliances and Partnership with Pure Storage | HCLTech



Pure Storage® and HCLTech are global partners to help customers convert the potential of digital disruption into a tangible, fast, sustainable competitive advantage. Together, HCLTech and Pure Storage deliver data-centric storage architectures that make data available in real time to businesses at the forefront of advanced analytics and AI, amongst other data-intensive use cases. HCLTech is a strategic Global Partner for Pure Storage, offering industry-leading solutions for modern AI & machine learning, big data analytics, critical applications such as databases, SAP and healthcare applications in a multi-cloud environment.

Together, HCLTech and Pure Storage enable organizations of all sizes and types to take advantage of All-Flash technologies to power their mission-critical production systems, development platforms – through DevOps – and modern analytics applications, seamlessly and securely across their multi-cloud environments. All of which is designed to deliver industry-leading data performance and compression, and an elastic, always-on approach to disaster recovery which cuts storage costs while keeping data available at sub 1ms latency. The result for our mutual customers is fast and reliable delivery that helps to unlock business value and decrease deployment risk. 

About Pure Storage

Pure Storage was born in 2009 with one ambition in mind: to utterly disrupt the storage industry through non-stop technological innovation. They deliver this through a unique subscription-based utility business model that means our customers never need to rebuy storage capacity they already own and enjoy ongoing upgrades implemented without disruption or downtime. The result is some of the happiest customers on the planet, illustrated through a Satmetrix-certified NPS customer satisfaction score of 86.6 – the highest rated tech brand in the world.