HCL and Texas Instruments Partnership | HCLTech


HCLTech Ltd. (HCLTech) is a recognized member of Texas Instruments (TI) Elite Design House program, a premier group of independent and well-established companies that offer system-level design services since 2010. Harnessing the partnership, HCLTech builds product components and solution accelerators for three major segments - Aerospace, Medical Electronics, and Consumer Electronics with a special focus on medical imaging, wireless communication, and analog system applications. The prestigious system engineering program enables customers to leverage products and services from both HCLTech and TI. This engagement also allows HCLTech to focus on delivering reference products based on TI product families for specific markets.

HCLTech has been deeply involved with TI over the last few years, addressing customer requirements in the development of complex engineering solutions. HCLTech leverages TI‘s extensive portfolio of embedded solutions, including OMAP, DSPs, microcontrollers, and analog to engineer products in aviation and aerospace, multimedia and consumer electronics, medical electronics, computing, wireline, and wireless communication equipment.