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HCLTech Digital Process Operations is a diamond partner (the highest tier) for UiPath across United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and India. To achieve this diamond status, UiPath partner must have both a solid RPA Practice Business Plan and defined goals.

HCLTech’s Diamond partnership with UiPath enables our clients and prospects to leverage next generation customer experience embedded with intelligent automation, machine learning, and smart automation.

HCLTech’s 360-degree Partnership with UiPath

  • UiPath diamond partnership recognizes HCLTech DPO excellence in Intelligent Automation
  • HCLTech’s proprietary AI/ML product EXACTO™ listed on UiPath Go Marketplace as recommended tool for Intelligent Content Digitization. To know more click here
  • 1200+ Certifications across different UiPath competencies
  • UiPath and HCLTech have a 2-Way partnership, i.e. HCLTech as UiPath’s customer and UiPath as HCLTech’s customer
  • Diamond business partners get the best-in-class partner engagements and special discounts