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Cloud Based Services

Challenges we address

It is estimated that the number of cars on the road would increase from 800 million today, to 3 billion by 2035. It is also predicted that future generations of car buyers will place far greater importance on in-car entertainment services and software capabilities. The basic need for travelling would be accompanied by the need to discover/ explore the world while staying connected all the time.
‘Connected Car’ technology is being aided by the following elements:

  1. Rise of the smart phones
  2. Thirst for connectivity
  3. Demand for value added services and the propensity to pay
  4. Rise of location based services

There is absolutely no dispute that the auto industry is witnessing an era of revolution - with the convergence of mobility/computing and services. The rules of the game have definitely changed from the competition between devices - to a battle of the ecosystems.

Why Cloud-based Services?

Currently, OEMs provide the discrete devices for each application that a customer wants inside his car. Convergence across consumer electronic devices is now being extended to the automotive space, and the acceptance rate is increasing, because:

  1. There is little or no space for devices under the automobile dashboard
  2. 3G/ 4G provides the connectivity for the “Connected Car” concept

With the Connected Car concept, automobile companies are moving towards offering applications and services through the cloud. While several consumer applications can already be downloaded through public clouds, automotive specific applications are just about finding their way onto cloud based services, with a few Tier 1s offering such platforms for their OEM clients.

HCL's Cloud-based Offerings for the Automotive Industry

HCL has been an active player in the automotive services industry for more than a decade, with leading automotive players as clients. HCL has been continuously investing in the latest technologies/ services to provide cutting edge solutions to customers. HCL’s recent investments have been made in its Service Aggregation/ Management Platform (Agora), and Home Gateway Solution (Aegis).

Agora- a next generation services platform that enables, delivers, aggregates and distributes Cloud based services for technology and service providers. For more information Download Agora Brochure.

Aegis- a home automation solution, empowering users to control multiple devices, manage media, monitor and optimize energy consumption, and enable secure homes. For more information, Download Aegis Brochure

Agora as a Service Management Platform

HCL proposes that Agora be leveraged as a service management/aggregation platform, which offers cloud based services for the automotive sector.

Aegis Agora: Digital Service Management Platform

This platform enables:

  • Access to the home gateway to monitor and control devices at home while leveraging HCL’s Aegis solution
  • On-board eco-system specific solutions – Customer developer networks
  • Aggregation/Integration of third party services – Public clouds
  • On-board customer specific applications – Private clouds

Integration with Home Gateway

  • To access the home gateway to monitor and control devices at home
  • To monitor and control energy usage in the house
  • To access security systems such as CCTV cameras
  • To access and monitor security systems at home

All access/control and monitoring would happen from the head unit display of the in-vehicle platform, which would be 3G enabled.

Download the Sample Use Case 1.

Open and On-board eco-system specific applications

OEM/Telematics service providers can open a part of the platform for ecosystem partners such as their employees, vendors, dealers and customers, to write specific applications of interest for this eco-system. Such applications can be on-boarded on to the platform and downloaded by interested users for a defined charge. The sale and billing can be enabled by the platform, including sharing of revenue by the author of the application and the platform host.

As the platform supports N-tier architecture, such applications can be at OEM and also dealer level. This creates an additional stream of revenue for the host.

On-board customer specific applications

In the auto industry, OEMs typically offer a host of Telematics services through their owned subsidiaries. HCL proposes to on-board such Telematics services on to the platform to be delivered as a service over the cloud. The customer would have an option to select the applications and services he wants to subscribe to and pay for the same.

Download Sample Use Case 2.

Aggregate/Integrate Third Party cloud services

The platform also supports integration/aggregation of paid third party services such as internet radio - Pandora, weather updates, traffic updates, and route guidance. The service provider (maybe the OEM) can buy minutes from the third party service provider and bill customers according to usage. Usage provisioning and billing would be taken care of by the platform.

For more information on cloud- based services for the automotive sector, please write to us at

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.