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Oct 01, 2017

Partner Enabled Innovation in Healthcare


Partha Marella, Executive Vice President

Healthcare, today, demands a system that can efficiently cure or manage multiple comorbidities in an individual, find novel ways of optimizing cost of care including self-help, remote patient engagement or home care. To top it all, the new…
The banking industry (especially the ones providing services to Consumers) is going through a paradigm shift, forcing them to transform into a technology company providing banking services. Either the banks are trying to hire leadership teams from…

Jun 12, 2017

How Hyper Personalization is defining the Future


Vittal Devarajan, Senior Vice President

Over the years, the focus on standardization through mass manufacturing has shifted to personalization through automation and smart manufacturing. 

Apr 27, 2017

Growth Hacking, Guerilla Style


Paresh Vankar, Vice President, Marketing

Coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, growth hacks for start-ups combine the data focus of analytics and the hustle and expediency of a start-up environment to drive marketing strategies that only look at “exponential growth” as the metric of success. The…
Innovative thinking requires the unique perspective of both the sexes. If women are discouraged from taking up jobs that are considered male-centric, ideas will cease to flourish.

Apr 01, 2017

Discovering the World of NGOs


GH Rao, Ex-President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)

Many NGOs today devote themselves to unique causes that also need much attention and intervention. Read this blog to know to get more information about NGOs of different genres.

Mar 29, 2017

Ideation Techniques – Part 1


Sanjeev Purohit, Group Manager

Brainstorming is a widely used technique. In fact, we use brainstorming as a synonym for any discussion or ideation. In the course of brainstorming, there is no assessment of ideas. So, people can speak out their ideas freely without a fear of…
The emergence of mobile technology has led to customer-centric multi-channel marketing. With soaring customer expectations, enterprises are striving to deliver personalized campaigns by harnessing the power of data. However, most are unable to…

Sep 07, 2016

Why Offline Marketing matters in an online world


Paresh Vankar, Vice President, Marketing

Online marketing, with all its benefits, cannot be a substitute for human ingenuity which is often the secret ingredient that makes or breaks marketing campaigns.Is offline marketing still relevant for your next big campaign?