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Voice Interaction
As value-based healthcare gradually replaces the traditional fee-for-service model, enhanced patient health outcomes will inevitably help HCPs. A study from 2016 unearthed that physicians spend nearly 50% of their time in office on paperwork....
AI-powered cybersecurity systems will not be replacing humans, but empowering them in order to survive the sophisticated and increasingly intelligent attacks. In order to get the most out of AI in cybersecurity, the pharma industry needs to...
Augmented Reality
In a world where various complexities are overcome by technological advancements, the aerospace domain/industry is pushed to think of alternative remote training methodologies to equip their professionals with necessary theoretical and practical...
Cold Chain

Jun 28, 2018

Cold Chain Logistics in Pharma

Harjotsingh Chance Senior Executive, Life Sciences- Business Solutions Group

The main ingredients for maintaining a cold chain are effective digital communication and data collection. The complete integration of the entire supply chain processes, linking them to the data supporting regulatory needs and quality considerations...

Jun 28, 2018

Unbundling Financial Services for the Digital Generation

Sudip Lahiri SVP & Head Financial Services Europe

Sudip Lahiri writes on what banks and financial services must do to attract millennial customers. The core idea is to add meaningful value to the everyday lives of the digital-native consumer.
Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistants provide personalized aid by answering day-to-day queries about specific conditions and medications, providing instructions, and making recommendations based on customers’ data. The consumers are also well connected by integrating...
Emerging Startups
In the recent past, a number of healthcare blockchain start-ups have emerged. These start-ups have found themselves a place in  the healthcare space; for instance, PokitDok and Patientory which focus  on the EMR space and Gem which focuses...
A Peek into Augmented Reality

Jun 18, 2018

A Peek into Augmented Reality

Arindam Sen Director, Manufacturing Solutions

Augmented reality as a technology brings about a digital transformation in the physical world through images, text, and 3D models. An important aspect of AR is to superimpose the information which it collects from an IoT device on the same device in...
Digital Twin
One of Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017, digital twins aim to transform the virtual landscape. Many research firms are optimistic about its development, predicting that by 2018, companies who will invest in digital twin...

Jul 12, 2018

Demand sensing and Inventory Optimization

Arindam Sen Director, Manufacturing Solutions

Demand sensing is a new technique of forecasting. This technique uses mathematical methods on real-time information to calculate a forecast of demand with higher accuracy. The higher accuracy of demand sensing reduces forecast error by a significant...
Blockchain has been taking the digital world by storm. With some myriad applications from real estate to financial transactions, the term refers to the process of creating a ‘chain of blocks’ – within which a series of encrypted transactions are...
Omni channel as the name suggests is a combination of two words - Omni and channel. It is the existence of products and services at all modes or channels to provide customers, a seamless and integrated experience of shopping. In today's connected...

Oct 13, 2017

Understanding the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Model

Sivakumar Srinivasan Solutions Architect, Banking and financial services

CECL is the new accounting standard issued by Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) for the recognition and measurement of credit losses for loans, lease, guarantees, trade receivables, and debt securities.Stakeholders in the financial...
Infusing Cultural Intelligence

Oct 17, 2018

Infusing Cultural Intelligence in Analytics to Drive Customer Centricity

David Sogn Associate Vice President – Digital & Analytics

Today, data offers fresh multidimensional capabilities and broader horizons to manufacturers. Big Data solutions enable an altogether new dimension of research and trend analysis. Enhancing customer experience by predicting events, risk management,...
DevOps for Banking

Mar 31, 2016

Why DevOps is Important for Banks? - II

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

This is in continuation to my previous blog on Why Devops is important for Banks
Top Healthcare Trends for 2016

Apr 21, 2016

Top Healthcare Trends for 2016

Gopiram Ramachandran Deputy General Manager

Three major trends continue to drive the health care industry in 2016 – Consumerism, Cost Reduction and Increased Value.The need of the hour is to closely examine the cause for these trends.
5G Thumbnails
The 5G network took to the grand stage at CES, MWC, and NAB events earlier this year, confirming its significant potential to enhance the business models for both the telecom as well as the media and entertainment industry. For us, the 5G revolution...

AI Transformation in Transport Industry
Jegan Umapathy - Senior Consultant | November 13, 2018

Automation with AI is a transformation of transportation within the city. AI also can be used to help predict maintenance events and diagonise problems. A mechanic can use data from sensors in the vehicle to make a diagnosis. 

Blockchain in Manufacturing Industry
Karan Dhawan - Technical Lead | November 8, 2018

Blockchain is the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. It records transactions on a public, distributed ledger and gets rid of the need for a third party in most cases. The technology is touted as faster and more secure by advocates and is being tested for everything including Finance, Health records, and Supply chain. Read More..

Automation and AI’s Role in Manufacturing Industry
Ishmeet Anand - LEAD CONSULTANT | November 8, 2018

AI and Automation, the terms that bring excitement and fear simultaneously on the face of any manufacturer today, post a pertinent question to the manufacturing Industry, Is the future exciting or scary, the answer to which will be discovered in coming years but will it be adventurous? For sure. From history, we have learnt that change is inevitable and it should be accepted ecstatically.